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No direct x device found

Hi All,


I have been trying desperately to fix this problem since yesterday but cannot find a proper solution. Whenever I try to run NFS world it gives me an error "No DirectX device found". I have tried all the solutions available online and none of them work. I updated the graphic card driver, tried to update the DirectX 11 that I currently have but it seems to be the latest version. After a lot of searching I realized, my DirectX is probably corrupt and so the game refuses to work. Any suggestions as to how to do that? I cannot replace it with 9.0 since 11 is the latest version and it does not allow force install.


I appreciate any help.



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Re: No direct x device found

1) Pleas try this:

- How can i install directX 9 if i already have the DirectX 11 ...


- How to repair a corrupted directx installation? - TechNet - Microsoft


2) Contact EA technical support:

Yours sincerely, Mikimuster3
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Re: No direct x device found

I am having the same problem, did you figure out how to fix it?  I see nobody helped you out here. 

The directx diagnostic tool had nothing listed under the display tab, no name or chip type or anything there. It use to work and poof it doesn't.

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Re: No direct x device found

i have just encountered this very same problem

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Re: No direct x device found


The Game works fine with Directx version 11 on Windows 7.

Check your Directx version quickly


Start button > on the search bar type DxDiag and then enter.

You will see a new window, check the last at thelement e bottom DirectX Version.


If there is nothing or an outdated version then update or install DirectX on your PC.


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Re: No direct x device found