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how to change language to English (NFS-RIVAL)

by salit1316

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how to change language to English (NFS-RIVAL)

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I have bought a NFS-Rival (PC) from Poland but after coming back home, I found that only game language available is Polish and Russian. Does anyone know how to change the language to English? I am an international student and do not know any single Polish word! The shop won't take the game back.


Thanks in advance!

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Re: how to change language to English (NFS-RIVAL)

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If those are the only available languages that you are able to choose from then sadly I think you might be out of luck Frown

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Re: how to change language to English (NFS-RIVAL)

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Heya @salit1316, sadly those are the only languages avaliable for your copy, if you activate the game in origin and install it using origin some MAY become avaliable dependent on your edition otherwise it's time to start learning Polish or Rusian XD.


From a legal perspective if the shop stated it is the English version they legally must take it back and in some countries as long as the game has not been activated they must also legally accept a return.

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