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PC Possible solution for NFS Rivals steering wheel support

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Found this


The poster only said it fixed the problem, didn't give any description. I had already returned my game for a refund, so I don't know if it will fix the issue or not. But at a locked 30 fps still not interested.


It is an emulator for the xbox360 controller that allows you to use your wheel.


Follow the link and select the project home tab next to downloads for more info "requirements"  and a "manual".


Hopefully this will help someone out.


Good luck.


"Xbox 360 Controller Emulator" allows your controller (gamepad, joystick, wheel, ...), function as "Xbox 360 Controller". For example, lets you play games such as "Grand Theft Auto" (GTA) or "Mafia II" using Logitech Wheel.




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Re: PC Possible solution for NFS Rivals steering wheel support

Thanks for this clue!  I've used it for the following with great results:


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Re: PC Possible solution for NFS Rivals steering wheel support

A racing game that does not support steering wheels from a company that does not support it's customers. Designing a racing game with no steering wheel support. How dumb is that? On NFS Rivals Xbox 360 you can drive with a wheel sort of. The problem is that you can't make selections on the map with it. You can't use a combination of a wheel and a controller. It won't work. I read reviews before buying this game and not one of the reviewers mentioned this. This confirms my belief that they are all in bed together with companies like EA. EAs customer service is non-existent. I have tried over and over to reach them. By the way this is not the only problem with the game. I get an error every time the game starts saying there is something wrong with my Origin account and that certain features of the game won't work. I will never find out what is wrong since their c.s. sucks. The biggest problem however is in the online play. The voice chat does not work. Also you rarely get a chance to actually race anyone online because of how autolog has everyone all over the place (miles away). And since you can't communicate online the only way you can meet anyone is by chance, or by trying to chase them down with the map. Oh, I forgot, the map won't work with the wheel so you can't do that either.
After finishing the game the online play would have given the game much more value but after 2 weeks more people are playing but rarely together. I finally cut my loses and sold the game on ebay. I will never buy another NFS game again since they took me on the last 3 in the series. Gamers need to take the reviewers and EA task for this. That is the only our voices will be heard.