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What is a crash escape?

One of the requirements for unlocking a pro mode is to get 2 crash escapes. What exactly are you supposed to do for a crash escape?

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Re: What is a crash escape?

Hi bs000,


It is my understanding that you need to narrowly miss an A.I. car that has crashed in front of you to get a crash escape.





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Re: What is a crash escape?

There is already a thread about this from yesterday :D  


I come across it when i was looking for the same answer > so I did a little practice  and to me easiest way to get this achievement is  if you just drive after 1 or 2 AI drivers and wait they make mistake and crash into each other or traffic , then all you have to do is zoom by without crashing them > hence , crash escape. It happens randomly and not in every race so be patient  .  


sometimes helps if you follow them after race is over and AI racers will go on free roam > do the same routine ,  follow them ,you can do some bumper action , but do not crash them totaly and eventually they will crash into someone and you'll zoom by  :D

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Re: What is a crash escape?

You dont need to narrowly pass them. It's quite generous with the space you can have. It's the same thing as "get x near misses". As long as you're driving either against or with the traffic you get a near miss as long as you're still on the road. But yeah, that tip above is the best one I can think of too.