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Posts: 4
Registered: ‎04-23-2013

Need for Speed Most Wanted Not Launching

When I try to launch NFS Most Wanted, it goes through the normal cloud sync, hitting 5% then 100% complete. The cursor then 'loads' for one second, the Play button is then grayed out for about 10 seconds. Then nothing. No error, nothing. There is no 'NFS' task in task manager and I am able to keep trying to launch NFS MW, without anything happening after each try.

Things I have done to try solve this but with no success:

- Run as Administrator. 

- Put NFS MW in exceptions list for firewall and anti-security.

- Re-download and install Origin.

- Re-download and install NFS MW.

- Run in compatibility mode.


I have only one monitor display, and DX11 installed. My system specs easily surpass the requirements:

Intel i7 2600k


Nvidia Geforce GTX 580


I am running Win7 64-bit. 

My copy of NFS MW was given as a free game due to the issues surrounding Simcity. However, this should in no way impact the ability for the game to launch. Any help and suggestions would be greatly appreciated.