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Controller Support - Joy stick - Wheels

by Bob422

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Controller Support - Joy stick - Wheels

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Will need for speed: most wanted for PC support directinput wheels, joysticks and gamepads, or will it only work with an Xbox 360 controller like last year's The Run?

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Xbox 360 wireless steering wheel

★★ Newbie

Will Need for Speed most wanted support the Xbox 360 wireless steering wheel?

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Joy stick compatibility

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Before I perorder this game I need to know if you can play it with a joystick on a PC?  I bought NFS the run and found out it wouldn't.

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NFW Most Wanted 2 G27 Support?

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Hi, Before I pre-I would like to know if there is full support for NFS MW2 with the Logitech G27, Thanks.

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Re: Controller Support

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The only support for PC listed is keyboard and Xbox360 controller.  However there will likely be a grouping of major wheel products and you can try using external emulation software for any other controller.  You'll want to find one that uses DirectInput for DX10.1 and you may have to go through several.

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Re: NFW Most Wanted 2 G27 Support?

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EA hasn't listed any supported wheels.  Unfortunately.

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Re: Joy stick compatibility

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Officially the keyboard and Xbox360 controller are the only ones supported.  Wheels will likely be listed when the game is released or so I hope.  However if you use an external controller emulator you can get around this.  There are programs that will allow you to bind controls on a joystick or gamepad to keyboard keys and others that act as drivers for directinput.

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Re: Xbox 360 wireless steering wheel

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Likely as it supports the Xbox360 controller.

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I am definitely going to buy this game, really excited. I was just wondering whether to get it on ps3 or PC. I can't afford a steering wheel as well so I was wondering if it is possible to use my ps3 controller on the PC version. It works with battlefield 3 through the joysticks key bindings but I'm just not sure if Need For Speed Most Wanted 2012 will have a similar option.

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Re: Configurations

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If it does then you'll likely need an external control/emulator program for the controller.  Like LibUSB, that should allow you to do your bindings.

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Accepted Solution

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I am extremely pleased to say that my old trusty CH 2 Axis 5 Button USB joystick works beautifully with this game. I can even configure it anyway I want in game. Thank you so much Criterion for keeping DirectInput alive!


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