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dissapearing hut players

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I am a fairly hardcore hut gamer and when I logged on today I noticed that my totw Shea Weber totw mike Richards Patrick sharp jakub voracek Sam gagner dany Heatley and many other cards were gone. When I checked in my trade pile it said they were all bought for 100 pucks. I am on Xbox and if anyone bought one of those players please message me or if there is a solution please help. I spent $40 on packs so any help would be appreciated thank you

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Re: disappearing hut players

Well this is a major problem. You probably want to consider who could of done that. But if you explain this to EA Support they will give you a reference code and you will get your players back it may just take a few weeks. But everything will fix itself out. As long as you do what you need to do. Which was explained in this answer.


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Re: disappearing hut players

thank you very much you have helped a lot I appreciate itmileyhappy:

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Re: disappearing hut players

the e.a. help line doesnt exist anymore. you have to go online and wait. which makes things frustrating


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Re: disappearing hut players

are you having problems with disappearing players.  And now there telling me that the packs we buy and build are players and there durations up they dont stay on there indefinatly . All the money we spend on pack to build our players up

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Re: dissapearing hut players

I've spent $125 on packs and haven't gotten **bleep**.

In other words, GO **bleep**ING CRY ABOUT THE PLAYERS YOU LOST.