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Registered: ‎10-29-2013

NHL 14 HUT Connection to EA server lost



On October 25th, at approximately 0130 hrs I was playing the Silver tournament and was disconnected from EA servers just before the initial face-off of the FINALS. I was not disconnected from Live, just EA servers. When I went back to the HUT, I had to start the tournament from scratch!!!!! Just before I originally started the tournament, I had bought a couple Gold Jumbo packs so I could use the training, sell the guys and buy more training/duration. I must have spent over 20,000 pucks just to see them all disappear!!! Since then, I have gone back and beat the tournament, but I still feel robbed of all my time and pucks. I love NHL 14, but I feel totally cheated. My Xbox Live GT is Nouriani. Please retify this as you see fit.