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How to get a lot of ea pucks

What is the best way to get ea pucks fast?
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Re: How to get a lot of ea pucks

Theres multiple ways of being succesful in NHL's HUT. Its impossible to explain them all but I can explain to you my way of earning EA Pucks fast. 


  • Buy and sell!
  • Go to the market and look for a team with a large fanbase. (ex. Toronto Maple Leafs) 
  • Look for one player only. And find the cheapest one. If there is a card of that player up for a good amount less than all the others or the majority at least you have found a good card.
  • Always look at the closest one to expiring. Does it have a low bid price? If it does wait for that one. A little time waiting will pay for itself in pucks. 
  • Always sell a bit less then the market says. It will get your cards bought faster and watch the pucks roll in.
  • IMPORTANT! Dont expect to recieve 10s of thousands of pucks within a day this will take weeks and possibly months but it will pay off in the long run.



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