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How do I win a faceoff in nhl 14?

by pdistyx

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Re: How do I win a faceoff in nhl 14?

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Hey everyone. not to be a wiseguy, but I finaly opened up the manual on the game and read faceoff. I read it and now I'm winning most of my face offs on pro.It's pretty simple actualy.If my center is a right handed I hold the right stick to the right before the ref drops the puck. then draw back on the same right stick when he drops. For a left handed center it's just the opposite grip. Hold the right stick to the left for the grip and pull down when the ref drops the puck. Also I never touch the left stick during a face off. I have GREAT results. hope this helps everyone. Sincerely yours, Puck Bettman

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Re: How do I win a faceoff in nhl 14?

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OK, so my center is 6 foot 3, 225lbs. Maxed out on faceoffs, nearly maxed out on strength, maxed out on hand/eye and can not BUY a faceoff even after trying everything I've read on here, online and seen on YouTube. I've tried watching the ref's arm, his head, the puck...nothing is working. I shouldn't be losing faceoffs bya score of, literally, 25 to 2 to someone rated lower than I am. Could this be some sort of calibration issue between large screen TVs and the play station? And if so, what can I do about it? I mean really, 25 to TWO lol
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Re: How do I win a faceoff in nhl 14?

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I picked up the game to play the Hockey Ultimate Team (HUT) portion of the game and I have the exact same problem.  Actually more problems than just this Standard smile  On Rookie I win almost all faceoffs but bump it up one to Pro and I think I've won one faceoff and I'm 15-5-1.  The difference from Rookie to Pro is unreal.  Even puckhandling.  If I get near an opponent on Pro, they steal the puck instantly but yet I can't do it to them or get called for tripping. 

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