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Registered: ‎11-05-2012

nhl 13 ps vita

Hi, whats up EA! I have been a huge fan of your products for years! I just recently purchased a ps vita ( Now I have every single console lol )

Anyway I would like to know if there is ANY works of a nhl game coming out for this ps vita, I am modestly very good at the game and I would love to have the abilty to play it on the go. Im pretty sure Im not the only one since I see in the drop-in games there are MANY people who feel the same. Just a thought! I wouldnt ask for a single cent lol would be a huge bottom line profit for you guys!




thats my gamer tag btw!

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Re: nhl 13 ps vita

Hi rockstarcabalar,


We don't have any news about a possible release of NHL 13 on the PS Vita. You should post your idea in the Official NHL Forum where it might gain more visibility.





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Re: nhl 13 ps vita

I agree, I am a huge NHL fan and have no idea why there has not been a NHL game released on a hand held system in years. Even if it is not big in America, whcih it must be since the PS3 and X-Box 360 put one out each year, then it would have to be HUGE in Canada right? I will go the official game website like recommended, but also wanted to post here. We need more people screaming for it until one gets released!



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Re: nhl 13 ps vita

Hey I have also been a huge fan of the NHL games for years. Many people would appreciate a portable nhl game for on the go. you really should make one!

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Re: nhl 13 ps vita