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Not receiving Pucks

by erandune

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Not receiving Pucks

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In HUT i Played mutliple games on 9-20-12 and i did not receive about half of my pucks.  I have been shorted about 1000.  also when i sold a guy he went for 25050 but i only received about 24997.  Is there something wrong with the game or my account

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Didn't receive EA pucks from NHL moments live

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I completed several NHL moments live before I started a HUT team, and now that I've started HUT I didn't receive any pucks from the completed moments, and I can't recomplete them in order to earn them.  Anyone else have this issue and/or know a solution?


On an unrelated issue, does anyone know how to swing at the puck after being knocked to the ice?  It use to happen too often in the older games, so I'm assuming they added a way to choose how to do it, I just don't know how.



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Bug in HUT (NHL 13)

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I have a issue where i play a offline tourny i get to the third round and win game 3 and the tournament resets and im back at round 1 with the pucks not rewarded to me for the round 3 win...i cant finish any tournys.  anyone have a solution or a answer to why this is happening.

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Total BS! I actually put money into this game, I dropped $60 on packs since it came out to build a nice team and I am really hooked until today! I was 55-29-5 when I started playing this eve, I won an online tourney and I am 55-33-5... wtf.... 4 loses but it shows I won the tourney and shows I won the games in my player hub...


I experimented some more, waiting awaile after winning the game before leaving and still counted as a loss... after 8 wins tonight I am now 55-37-5 instead of 63-29-5 thats total BS and I DO expect a rollback or compensation because we are putting our money into HUT beyond the initial purchase. This must be fixed asap

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Not receiving EA Pucks

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I was playing in HUT yesterday and after an online game where I won, I did not receive any EA Pucks for my win and it added a loss to my record. I tried again with an offline game but the same happened. It's as if the game thinks I am leaving the game early and then counting it as a loss and not giving me any EA Pucks.

How do we fix this?


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Re: Not receiving Pucks

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I'm also not receiving pucks and have put quite a bit of money into this game.  I've lost pucks to the point that i don't even want to play chell at all.  Please fix this soon EA.

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Re: Not receiving Pucks

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Regarding your player selling for 25050 and you only receiving 24997, EA takes a small cut of sales, so that's what happened there. I'm also having the zero puck issue.
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Re: Didn't receive EA pucks from NHL moments live

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To recieve your moments pucks, go to your HUT and go into the extras section at the botton of the main menu.  You claim them there by clicking on rewards.

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no hut pucks

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i just played a whole tourney and didnt recieve a single hut puck, must have lost atleast 4000 puck, 550 game 1, 750 game 2, another 550 game 3, and for the finals i lost 2700, this is all online, how am i suppose to build a better team, if i aint getting my pucks??? is there a solution and do i get my pucks back?? 

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Re: no hut pucks

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i even have the trophy to prove it aswell! online playoff tourny

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Accepted Solution

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This is an ongoing issue the dev team is working to fix. 

In the meantime, like a previous poster suggested, delete your game data file. You will have to re-download the update & tuners along with any PDLC (asside from HUT packs) & re-enter your online pass. Your HUT team will not be affected & any purchased packs will still be there.

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