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Registered: ‎03-26-2013

EA can I monetize my Youtube videos?

I run a YouTube channel and the videos I make include footage from video games that your company produces. Most of my videos are called “trade days”. which are videos of me playing one of your EA Sports video games. 

The reason I am contacting you is that YouTube has a monetization program that would allow me to place ads on my videos so I can earn some revenue from the work that I put into them. Since game play footage is considered copyrighted content under YouTubes terms of service, I would need your company’s permission in order to monetize them. 

Almost all of my videos receive universally positive feedback from my audience and I have been told by multiple people that they have gone out and purchased the games that were featured in my videos. 

So my question is this, can I get permission from your company in order to monetize the videos I have up of your video game? 

My YouTube Channel: