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Won't let me connect to ea servers

by smyelz4u

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Won't let me connect to ea servers

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i have been trying the past hour  to connect to the ea servers. it tells me everytime that i submit that it couldnt pull my profile. is it because i bought the game online from the playstation store? i just want to use my gameface! 

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NCAA football 14 gameface

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i cant register my EA account to connect to my online account on ps3. it wont give me a option to add it in the add persona tab

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Switching EA ID to PS3 persona

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How do I switch my web persona on teambuilder for NCAA14 to a PS3 Persona?

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Re: Won't let me connect to ea servers

Community Manager

You need to be sure your console account is linked to your EA account:


Directions for adding your PSN or Xbox Live ID to your EA Account can be found here.

You may be having trouble importing your XBox Live Gamertag or Playstation Network info if it is linked to an account other than your main EA account. To recover or make changes to your XBox Live Gamertag or PSN ID, be sure to contact an EA Game Advisor. Please log in with your Origin account and then click 'Contact a Game Advisor' to see the contact options.

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