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DC glitch

by mannylaws

Original Post

ncaa 14 ultimate team issue

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I won a game online last night in ultimate team on my account for xbox 360 gamertag Legendoftrollen it was the championship game and he disconnected himself and i recieved a win and got ranked up but i did not recieve my pack and i would like to know why

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DC for NCAA 14 online play

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I've played like 5 games today 4 people DC and I didn't get the win. EA you need to do better because this is will make me take madden and live off of pre-order

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NCAA 14 ultimate team loss

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I was playing an ultimate team game season 2 championship I was winning 8-7 about halftime my opponent quit and I received a loss is there anyway you can reverse that
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Connection losses

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Why do i recieve a loss when the connection fails? it has happened at least 4 times in games i had a decent shot of winning. My internet is fine but the EAsports servers mess up and I recieve a loss? Why?

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DC Glitch

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I'm sure by now EA Sports knows all about the glitch, but I am so tired of this happening.  If they dont get it together soon I will never buy another EA game.  This is the first game I've bought in 4 years because they ARE ALL THE SAME!  I'm 6-0 and should be 10-0 if it weren't for all the cheaters ruining the online game.  Get it fixed EA, I didn't pay $60 for NCAA 2009 with updated rosters! The least you can do is support your product once it's released

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Re: DC Glitch

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Take a look at the steps provided here to report suspected cheaters:



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Re: NCAA 14 ultimate team loss

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This stuff happens to me all the time. I'm in a close game and it has lagged a bit, then i just lose connection and the game because of easports/playstations crappy connection. I'm tired of getting losses for something that isn't my fault

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Re: After I won an Ultimate team game. It gave me the loss after the guy quit

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Same happened to me but about 7 or 8 times so far


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Re: connection issues

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I keep receiving the "end game" message after losing connection on ps3 after like 7 or 8 times. It's getting ridiculous

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Don't you love it when your losses are all in games you were winning or tied?

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Accepted Solution

Community Manager

We monitor activity and it’s our top priority to protect the integrity of your online experience. Players found cheating are banned from online play.


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