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Ncaa 14 Ideas


-Riddell  360

-Riddell Revolution

-Schutt Ion 4d

-Schutt Standard

-Revolution Speed

-Any other recommendations



-Dark Nike

-Dark Adidas

-Dark Oakley

-Dark Under Armor

-Clear Nike

-Clear Adidas

-Clear Oakley

-Clear Under Armor



-All Shoes Included in Madden 13



-Nike Vapors

-Nike Elites

-Adidas Plain

-Nike Plain

-Under Armor Plain



-Nike Bands

-Under Armor Bands

-Adidas Bands

-Note: Bands Go on Calf, Forearm, and Bicep



-Various Nike Gloves

-Adidas Gloves

-Under Armor Gloves

-Other Gloves



-Should be able to have dances, running form, stance style, etc.

-Should have more faces, or customizable faces.

-More clear muscle tone. More realistic facial expressions, etc.

-Any other recommendations


Game play:

-Should be able to Hurdle

-Every hit different like Madden 13

-More realistic player emotions, actions, and expressions

-More realistic Announcers, Sideline Reporters.



-Game face, also for player, like included in Madden.

-Should Be able to wear branded clothing.

-More accessories like carry a playbook, or wear sunglasses, etc.


Careers or RTG:

- Should stay the same, not a big deal.



-More practice fields (if possible)

-Any other recommended


Team colors:

-Should have equipment: gloves, bands, shoes, socks, should be able to have a primary and secondary color. also to choose custom (if possible)



-More concussion types

-More break types

-More strain types

-More sprain types


Team builder:

-Team Builder was a popular addition to NCAA Football, but users have been asking for improvements to the mode. Ideas include, but are not limited to:

- Allow import/export of rosters. Export roster from Dynasty Wire, then import csv/xls file to TB. Would be easiest way to allow Online Dynasty teams to carry over to Team Builder.

- Allow download of uniform/field-art template/skin and let user edit in Photoshop, etc. then re-import. Would also need ability to set material type (ex. helmets are matte vs. gloss, field is turf vs grass, etc.) Would remove constraints from current templates and allow user to be much more creative.

- Ability to create uniforms on Team Builder site and then import them in for Dynasty team. Would allow user to keep things fresh or put creative spin on current team.

- Create-a-Stadium (See below)

- Custom Entrances: Select/create 'Touch' tradition (import asset - logo or 3D), import or type slogan for sign touch.

- More logo and image placement options

- More helmet styles

- Ability to upload OD team/roster to Team Builder

- Ability to assign Top 25 rank for Team Builder squad

- Fully customizable roster (no template)

- Ability to set rivals

- Red turf (to properly create EWU); other colored turf (Central Arkansas) or for user's imagination

- 3rd set of pants

- Have Team Entrance of stadium home team (or selectable)

- 'Old school' equipment to help create classic squads.

- Ability to select uniform brand: Nike, adidas, Under Armor, etc.


- The ability to set red shirt year for players (EX: fFr, rSo, rJr, rSr)

- Ability to add pride stickers: Pick from in-game assets or ability to upload your own




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Re: Ncaa 14 Ideas

Love the ideas listed above. Would also love to see stadium creation. Currently there are only a few generic stadium options. Many of the bowl games have split colored crowds, which is stupid for your home stadium.

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Re: Ncaa 14 Ideas

RTG staying the same makes your list a joke. RTG needs more focus on your player! Annoucers need to call you out more and bring back some of the off the field extras like fan mail, iq tests and such. RTG and Superstar mode needs to feel different then the regualar games otherwise they might as well get rid of it and focus more on the Dynasty mode as a whole.


Most of the equipment you listed is in the game already...

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Re: Ncaa 14 Ideas

Hi gvvvvvv,


Please sign in and make a post at our NCAA Gamechangers page here.





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Ncaa 14 trades

Put a trade option in for ultimate team in ncaa 14 ultimate team!
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MORE Solo Challenges

Can you guys put up more Solo Challenges because major of us want to earn more cions but we don't want to do it against another human online since majority of the people feel the need to cheat to get the win and we have to take the lose because of it.

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Playing with more teams on dynasty mode.

why don't you make DLC that allows you to play with more than 12 teambuilder teams on Dynasty mode? you can make it just like the 120 slots you already have on the game, but  make it where we can download 25 or so that we can play in dynasty mode.

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EA Sports Should Address Defense

Playing NCAA 2014 had some suggestions:


  • Improve No Huddle Defense: EA went to great lengths bringing both the "No Huddle" and "Check With Me" offenses to college football. It baffles me that the same can't be said for defense. This year the game allows 0 seconds before an offense can snap the ball. This wouldn't be an issue if the game allowed audibles to be called pre-snap during a no huddle setup. Unfortunately, EA dropped the ball on this and now players are forced to pick a simple defensive play to get smoked on without being able to make adjustments or call effective audibles in time. College defenses utilize the 'Check With Me" and No Huddle concepts the same way offense due. We should be able to use both concepts for both offense and defense.
  • Cover 4 AI: This coverage is one of the most popular in college football right now due to its importance in defending the no huddle offense. Unfortunately, an aggressive defense that provides both 9 in the box and effective pattern reading coverages has been turned into a 'Prevent" defense. In no way, shape, or form is the Cover 4 simply sending 4 defenders deep. Cover 4 is purely a pattern reading defense that has more similarities to man coverage than zone. Please have the play reflect the real life scheme; which is a scheme that allows the safety the post snap option to play the #2 receiver to his side deep or switch to some form of Robber coverage.
  • Press coverage: There is rudimentary press coverage in NCAA 2014. It is only effective for Cover 2 Zone and Man coverages. College and NFL defenses alike use press coverage in fire zone blitz and cover 4 schemes. If you are going to prefer "PRESS" coverage during Man or Cover 2 schemes, that is fine. But "Bump and Run" coverages should be allowed within the game as they are just as effective in allowing the defense an edge when playing receivers routes.
  • Secondary Alignments: They are terribly off. Safeties should be lining up 10 - 12 yards off the ball. By pressing the coverage, the safety should be no further than 8 yards from the LOS at the most. It is terrible that I have to manually move the safeties to a 6 yard depth when I want to play tight, press coverage.

Thanks for reading.

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NCAA 14 Playing Friends in Ultimate Team

Yes i wanted to know if in a future update if you guys could add athing where we can play an ultimate team with your friends because i thought it would be more fun with with friends.and in other titles we are able to play with our friends such as madden and fifa.i just want to know if that can happen?
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Re: Ncaa 14 Ideas

Also they should allow more than one player to have a number like for instance some defnesive and offensive players have the same numbers but its just crap when they cant have the same number but be on different sides of the ball