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Posts: 7
Registered: ‎03-09-2013

Simcity redeem code

I bought the game yesterday from a retailer here in Denmark and got the serial code to redeem the Simcity game. I am trying to Redeem the code from yesterday.


Origin client is in an infinite loop !!! not showing anything that I can redeem the code and download my game... 


This is frustrating to the maximum levels... I am a working Guy and you guys spoiled my Weekend and ethusiasm towards the Game and to EA in general.


Why the hell on earth you guys want the game to online all the time.... we buy Games because we support EA, and the same way you guys should be good to us. Please do not make game full time online.. how can I play game while I am waiting in an airport or while commuting ??? 



Anyway thank you for spoiling my weekend and the expectation to play for two days with peace of mind...  I will wait today and probably will ask for a refund.