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Registered: ‎03-15-2013
Accepted Solution

SimCity doesn't launch, start.

When I try to open my SimCity game, from the desktop or the Origin shortcut, the game doesn't open. There is no kind of error message, no window open, nothing happen apart from the "Play" orange button from Origin, that get different, as if I'm playing the game, and in a short time the button normalizes. I tried restart, turn on and off my machine but without results. 

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Re: SimCity doesn't launch, start.

i think ea amazon servers firewall are blocking me

maybe you should check your client_log.html and traceroutes to ea servers as well ?

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Registered: ‎03-27-2013

Re: SimCity doesn't launch, start.

For anyone else having this issue. Here is what I found.


Background and problem description:

I purchased the game "Limited edition" at a local retail store. I had no issues installing or updating the game. My system is a quad core machine with a Geforce 660GTX graphics card. Servers show online and available. I selected Simcity from the Origin launcher and clicked the Play button. The music started but the game never showed on the screen. A Simcity process shows up in task manager but the game never shows on the screen. Attempts to contact support = Don't make me laugh !


Fix (that worked for me anyway):

1 - Kill the Simcity process if it's running or reboot.

2 - Open the Origin launcher.

3 - From the menu at the top select Origin then Application Settings.

4 - Select the "In Game" tab.

5 - Remove check mark from "Enable Origin in Game".

6 - Start Simcity and play.


To EA, Origin, Maxis management,


Your game developers did a fantastic job. There are flaws I'm sure will be patched but the gameplay for me has been great. Your support structure however is the worst I've ever dealt with. I was never able to figure out how to even attempt to contact someone "live" via chat or phone or "fill in the blank". I understand that real live people to answer questions cost money but good customer support in the gaming world is worth as much as all the other advertisement money you could possible spend. Just think.. "Raving gamers Praise EA for seamless launch with excellent customer support" spread across all the social platforms..  Take those advertising bucks and put them to REAL use.


Hope the above fix saves at least one other person the few hours it took me to find it.




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Re: SimCity doesn't launch, start.

I am having this problem for the first time since yesterday June 20, 2013. The solutions don't work for me. I spent an hour and a half on the Origin chat. After 45 minutes an agent greeted me I explained  the problem and then nothing, no response, and after 20 minutes I was disconnected. Then I got the same representative, tell the problem again, get no response and waited 10 minutes. Unacceptable. I then called EA but I was on hold for another hour. I just logged into EA and find that there is a case  number, but I wasn't informed. This is ridiculous customer service.

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Re: SimCity doesn't launch, start.

I just started getting this after the newest update, the game was working fine before then. ea is screwing us over.