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SimCity - Where has my oil gone?

by richcohen

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SimCity - Where has my oil gone?

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I have two oil fields, each with 10 pumps and each producing about 2000 barrels per day.  I have one oil power plant.  I'm not exporting oil.  My lots are set to local use.  I'm trying to build up a reserve.  HOWEVER, one lot is full at 2000 barrels and the others are empty.  Where is my oil going?

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Re: SimCity - Where has my oil gone?

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Are you supplying a great works with oil ? Do you have refineries that could use oil ?

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Re: SimCity - Where has my oil gone?

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No.  I'm not building a great works.  I think I just discovered my problem.  I was too trickly for my own good.  I built an access road for one of my wells that was not connected to the well's main building.  The game let me add pumps and showed oil flowing.  When I bulldozed that and added a second well things started working correctly.


Thanks for offering me assistance.

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