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[Info Request] Missing City

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Hello Mayors,


We've come across reports of missing cities from some of you. The studio is currently looking into these reports, but to speed up and assist this investigation we would like to ask you for more details.


If one or more of your cities are currently missing, please post the following information as a reply to this thread:

- Origin ID (if different from your AHQ account)

- City name

- Region name

- Server name


We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused and are working diligently to resolve this issue. 

Thank you.

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Re: [Info Request] Missing City

I currently have two major missing cities, thanks for the support.




City 1
Gulf of Oman
Europe-West 6


City 2
Smaller is better!
Europe-West 6

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Re: [Info Request] Missing City

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Origen ID: Kandalftje

City Name: Jef City, BickyCity, Spoeft City, Mongolia, that are only a few of them i lost all city's that i ever made ! 

Region: Kolos and Chroomforest

Server Name: Europa West 4 - Europa West 1 - Europa West 6 - Europa oost 1 - Europa West 3


For now i'm not playing anymore as i cba with this anymore everytime i make a city and its going very well i lose it after a dc as the server flip again It just says cant load the city blabla try again but in dutch then.




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Re: [Info Request] Missing City

- Gamesguy1

- Where Dreams Go To Die

- Tiger Woods

- EU East 2


Basically nobody in our entire region can load, they all have the "unload to load city" error.


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Re: [Info Request] Missing City

ID: MCNickerson

City Name: Riverbend, Twain

Region Name: Three Rivers Divide


Server Name: I forget which server I was on? I'm pretty sure it was one of the Europe servers. Do I need to always play on the same server or something? Because when I try to pick one of the Europe servers it says that it has "very high volume" and I need to wait a half hour befor I can connect again. It seems a little silly to have a player's saved games tied to ONE specific server. When I try to play on a different one, it restarts the whole game for me -- I have to do another tutorial and everything and NONE of my saved cities are there. Please fix this problem. Clearly, your servers are not communicating with each other.

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Re: [Info Request] Missing City

Orgin ID: Ziron3

City Name: Zilon

Region: Kiruya

Server: America East 2

Map: Discovery Delta


This was my first city in the region, and my first region in SimCity. All the other cities I have created in the region are ok, but every time I go to load this city from the region view when I am in another city, it will endlessly load. If I try to load this city when first starting up SimCity, it will say unable to load city at this time, and then it SimCity will endlessly load any other city that i try to load into (when I try to load another city after failing on Zilon, it will try and load but will display just a white screen with none of the region image splashes, but tooltips will show. it also won't show the region name, just "loading:      ".


The only fix for me is to completely restart SimCity. 

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Re: [Info Request] Missing City

[ Edited ]

5th city ive lost to 'unable to load' please help guys



- thegaypigeon

- Sin City Mk.II

- Pen Island 2

- EU West 3


Thanks alot

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Re: [Info Request] Missing City

Can't load my main city anymore, "unable to load..."



Bermuda Dreieck 

Europe West 4

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Re: [Info Request] Missing City


Grand Haven

Reflection Atoll

North America West 2


Just had a city crap out on me last night/this morning. It required 2 consecutive roll backs and now is "Unable to load at this time."

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Re: [Info Request] Missing City

- DrenNas

- Watery Grove

- Atlantis

-NA East 2