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voip not working on medal of honor warfighter PS3

by uismelo

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Re: what happen with the voip?? cant hear any body...

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I am also having this problem. When I party up with my buddies I can hear them fine until we get into a game, then nothing. the only time I can hear anyone is at the end of the game when it shows the scores.

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Voip channel on ps3

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i set my VOIP channel to fireteam so i can talk to my friend who's in my team but for some reason he cant hear me but i can hear him and then when we get into the lobby of the game we can talk to each other only when not in a game so its not my headset or his and during the lobby when we were raging someone else said they had the same problem. Help please! i play on the ps3

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Im having trouble getting VOIP to work. In option, under social hub, it shows team VOIP disabled, but I can't enable it. Why?

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BTW, playing on PS3

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Re: voip not working on medal of honor warfighter PS3

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Spend 60 bucks on a team based game and you can't communicate with your teammates... frostbite 2 looks like garbage..single player campaign was on rails w invisable walls/funneling...spawn camping...falling through reload cut outs...and I did not want a rushed, money maker game that appears to have been made by lazy developers. You guys royally screwed this game up and I am done with the MOH series and ea in general. Gamestop can not open early enough Monday morning. You guys should be embarassed by this steaming pile of crap hidden behind a thin vail of patriotism. Pathetic.
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Re: voip not working on medal of honor warfighter PS3

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What a worthless piece of **bleep** game.  Fun to play but can't talk to friends and no sign of them trying to fix it or giving any kind of verification that there is even a problem.  They just made there money and ran.  Very disappointed in this game and lack of customer service.  Way to jerk around the consumer.

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Re: voip not working on medal of honor warfighter PS3

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Just fix the game and let us know what you intend to do now EA.

You've got thousends of players worldwide that are really pissed off now about this issue and being kept in the dark.



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Re: voip not working on medal of honor warfighter PS3

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replied last night via th elive chat thing. My advisor, Marvin, told me it hadn't been reported yet.  Really?! thanks a lot marvin


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Re: voip not working on medal of honor warfighter PS3

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I will solve all these problems buying call of duty black ops2 and never buying MoH again.

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ps3 warfighter voip

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Just like the rest of us, I am also having the Voip issues. Either I can hear him, or he can hear me, but never working both ways. I do have to say I've never had the falling off the game board yet. I still think the game is very fun to play by itself. Though if Voip was working I could having a blast with teams.

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