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Registered: ‎11-23-2012
Accepted Solution

Unable to authorize the listed DLC

 "Unable to authorize the listed DLC. Please log in to the Alliance Network with the account used to purchase the DLC. Collector's Edition Online Pass Entitlement"


I've getting this message since last year and I've contacted EAs support. More than one month has pass and I didn't get any kind of answer on ho to fix this.


Can somebody please at least tell what is being done about it?


I know there are more people with the issue.

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Re: Unable to authorize the listed DLC

This is my solution. You'll have to talk to a Game Advisor, preferably via Live Chat or with EA's Twitter support and ask them to give you the CE Online Pass again and re-authorize From Ashes, as this will become de-authorized once they give you the Online Pass.