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Redeem Promo Code for ME3 (help!)

So my brother bought me the Mass Effect 2 Legion action figure, and it came with a code for ME3. And it says to register at Well I went there, and redeemed the code and it worked. But now it says 

"Code successfully redeemed! NOTE: You may need to refresh your wallet balance in-game before content will appear in-game."
What does that mean? What do I do now?? =/ helllp
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Re: Redeem Promo Code for ME3 (help!)

I think "wallet balance" is the phrase used by Steam to refer to your credit balance (microsoft points/bioware point/etc).  Which platform do you play ME3 on?

- SD -
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Re: Redeem Promo Code for ME3 (help!)

I am also having that same problem. I play on the ps3.

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Re: Redeem Promo Code for ME3 (help!)

For all of the Bioware Mass Effect 3 merchandise I've purchased, I've activated it from the Social Bioware Redeem Code page and after doing it successfully, it auto-updates as long as I'm not logged into Origin (PC) or the PSN (PS3) on my record for all DLC downloaded/purchased.


Once its recorded in the Social Bioware profile database, you then just need to log on to Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer and then go into the Store, where your promotional pack will be waiting to be redeemed to your multiplayer profile.


Simple. :D