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Origin won't install

by intertelect

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Origin won't install

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I run the autoinstall from the ME3 disc (for the PC) and Origin installs...then it tries to update. Since it does not allow me to say "no" without the whole thing shutting down I have to update.

So I shut down my virus protection, shut down my firewall and tell Origin (from the Origin folder) to Run as Administrator. I then get the following error:


Error opening file for writing:

C\Program Files\Origin\Origin.exe

Click Abort to Stop the Installation, etc, etc, yada, yada yada


WTF? No matter how many times I uninstall and reinstall I get the same error. Thanks

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Re: Origin won't install

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Have you tried downloading Origin from This version should be the latest so that you don't need to update. Maybe the version on disc is just too old.

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Re: Origin won't install

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I looked for it previously but couldn't find it. Maybe it was too obvious and I couldn't see it. Any hints on where on Thanks

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Re: Origin won't install

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Duh. I see it. I'll give it a shot

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Re: Origin won't install

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Hi interelect,


Are you still having issues with Origin, or did 1ago's description solve it?




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