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Origin - This code has already been used

I've bought a retail version of Mass Effect 3 with the account I'm currently using. I've installed and played Mass Effect 3 by using this account a couple months ago. After having to reinstall Origins as well as Mass Effect, the game didn't show up on my account and rejected the code that I have used prior to this incident.

This doesn't make any sense!

Why would Origins take a game that I've purchased off my account and  then reject the game's code?


To prove that I'm not just some scammer, if needed, I will e-mail a scanned copy of my Retail game, It's contents as well as my ID.


This is really inconvenient and I'm disappointed that and End-User such as myself has to go through all of this effort to play a game that I bought Legally.


Thanks for help in advance


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Re: Origin - This code has already been used

The problem likely is that you are not signed in on the correct account. To double check, you can contact EA support at 

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Re: Origin - This code has already been used

You might have to officially also register the game online to show that you actually "own" it. Some games are picky about registering them online and some features for certain games will not work if you first do not register them online. Try registering it thru origin and see if that works. If not, it is possible someone hacked your pc and stole your code. If it is the latter, i suggest you contact EA Help for support.

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Re: Origin - This code has already been used


is there any way to determine if code was used or not without actually activating it ?