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Registered: ‎11-29-2012
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Mass Effect 3 - Anti aliasing - 'Shimmering' (Nvidia)

When trying to use Anti Aliasing with the Nvidia control panel or NvidiaInspector I get this weird shimmering when Shepard stand near those blue security checkpoints.


Pay attention to Sheps head and his left shoulder. (It is more noticeable in-game)


Now, it only seems to happen when I set 'Antialiasing - Mode' to 'Override any application setting'. If set to off I do not get this, also using the games own antialiasing (FXAA I believe) on top of the forced antialiasing it also goes away but the game looks blurrier. Is there a way to keep Antialiasing on without this shimmering?


I've tired setting Override to Enchance and using the Inspector to 'treat enchance as override' etc.


Thank you.


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Posts: 9
Registered: ‎11-17-2012

Re: Mass Effect 3 - Anti aliasing - 'Shimmering' (Nvidia)

[ Edited ]

The way the driver forces the AA in UE3 games that do not have in game support is pretty much a hack. That's one visual artifact caused by it. You just have to live with it, MSAA in UE3 games is far from perfect. You do not get this if you switch to SGSSAA.