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Accepted Solution

DLC "From Ashes" failed to authorize

Case 07286916: Error - the DLC "From Ashes" failed to authorize


Mass Effect 3 N7 Collectors Edition for PC


In a nut shell.


I hadn't played ME3 in a couple of weeks due to playing Starwars the old republic, I logged into the game yesterday, recived an update, not sure if it was to Origin or to ME3, but since that update I have been reciving the message that my DLC, From Ashes, failed to authorize.


I have tried restarting both the game and the origin client, ran the repair option on ME3, Live help had me re-enter the code for the DLC but that gave me a message the the code had already been used, I have Origin and ME3 set to run in adminstrator mode and I have reinstalled the Origin client.

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Re: DLC "From Ashes" failed to authorize

The same issue has happened to me: I had it fixed by getting an online chat session to an EA Customer Support Advisor and requesting that they check my "From Ashes" authorization against my Mass Effect 3: Collector's Edition PC code.


Was solved in 10 minutes after they reset the code on the EA servers and had me download it again. They will need to log into your Origin account though to do it.