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Registered: ‎11-05-2012
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Mass Effect 2 is crashing when opening the menu

Hey There


I have a little issue:


I was playing Mass Effect 2 for about an hour. Then i got the task to skill myself. Therefore you need to open the menu. Unfortunately the game crashes then. Sometimes i can skill myself, but the game crashes afterwards.


Since I've purchased the game on steam, I asked their Costumer Support first. Steam Costumer Support gave some solutions to that problem, but none of them helped. So i hope you may could help me.


Best regards

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Re: Mass Effect 2 is crashing when opening the menu

Mass Effect requires a real, actual video graphics card on its own separate circuit board, not any onboard video chip, as is so common any more.  It's too old to fall for the smoke and mirrors Intel uses to fool newer games into running with low quality video.,  That symptom belongs to that very low quality video solution.  If it's a laptop (or all in one), you need a better one.  If it's a desktop, you can add a new graphics card to meet the game's simple minimum for a small investment.