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Registered: ‎12-11-2012

mass effect trilogy import from ME1 to ME2

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I just recently purchased the Mass Effect Trilogy for PS3. When I try to play Mass Effect 2, it will not recognize a save game from ME1 to import, so I can't continue my story.

Posts: 2
Registered: ‎12-11-2012

Re: mass effect trilogy

after reading through a few posts, it seems i have to download a patch. unfortunately, i do not have interent access. . . oh well..

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Re: mass effect trilogy

Hi garbearvakarian,


I guess you have internet connection on your computer. Would it be possible for you to use that connection for a short while with your PS3? You just have to plug in your PS3 until the patch is downloaded. After that you can connect your computer again.


Hope that helps!


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Re: mass effect trilogy

please help me with my problem Ursula


the problem for me is that when i exit out of ME1 the 'enter existing ID' option for a new game disappears, which obviously means ME2 will not be able to see my imported save when i ask to import a ME1 character.


i have the game patched, it is on PS3 and it is the trilogy edition


i have removed game data for both ME and ME2 and reinstalled both


the final save after defeating Saren is not 'staying saved'