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Mass Effect 1 Updates

How do I register my mass effect(1st game of the series) for my PC. I can't find a link for any mass effect updates.

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Re: Mass Effect 1 Updates

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You can find updatse here:

If you purchased it via Origin it should be registered within Origin and I think you can update it from there...I'm not in a place where I can doublecheck that at the moment.




Doesn't look like you can download updates directly from Origin, but the latest (1.02) is available via the link above.


Once you've installed Mass Effect 1 you can check which version it is by starting the "MassEffectLauncher.exe" (located in your Mass Effect folder) and reviewing the information under "Game" (Configure ---> Game) on the menu.

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Re: Mass Effect 1 Updates

Well I have news for you, I still have a problem I even checked the version it was running, supprise it is 1.02 but when I try to run it, it sync's, then does so again as if the game closed when it never lowed.