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Xbox one connection issues

by jsautodesigns

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Re: Xbox one connection issues

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This is the biggest joke EA, I cannot believe that you have this many problems with your servers.  I mean there are only what, like 10 games for the xbox 1 right now and you produce about half of them.. which means that half of the games for xbox one don't work.  I bought NBA, FIFA, Madden, and BF4 and NONE OF THEM **bleep**ING WORK.  this is unacceptable give me a real solution none of this crap about "you need a new security question"

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Unable to connect to EA servers on xbox one madden 25

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When is EA going to post that this is a issue?

i tried getting online help, all the guy did was acknowledge that some users are having a issue.


It would be nice for EA to start a thread and let everyone know when this issue is fixed.



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Re: Unable to connect to EA servers on xbox one madden 25

Community Manager

Please take some time to read the following articles on connectivity troubleshooting as the majority of issues are covered. If after completing the steps provided you still have an issue getting online with Madden 25 then the next stage is to contact an EA Advisor for one-to-one assistance.


Only if those article do not help should you contact an Advisor, to do so click the following link to get started:

For help on how to contact an Advisor please use this link:

If a post Answers your question please click on Accept as Solution.
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unable to connect to EA servers! Help

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How come EA doesn't have something acknowledging this issue.


And why do my posts continue to be deleted.


I've had madden 25 for over a month now and still can not connect on line to play head to head.


Online help from EA says they are working on correcting the issue.  But how come there isn't a tread that states this!!!!!


can anyone help me out?

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Re: Unable to connect to EA servers on xbox one madden 25

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i've done all of this


i have be online with a EA adviser.  adviser response:


i checked around and there our other users have the same issue...continue to check the forums to see whan issue is resolved.


but that is the problem


EA doesn't ackknowlege that there is a issue.


this is crazy and EA is losing customers left and right.  


EA has a server problem and needs to fix it.  at 60 bucks a game, they have plenty of money. 


amazing, i thought only the government could mess something up and take months to fix, ie   but EA is proving that all wrong.


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Re: Xbox one connection issues

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OK, straight to the point. Here's what I've noticed that you need to fix. Xbox One console 

1. CFM mode. Cannot play USER VS USER games...the game shuts down and goes to Xbox Home Screen 
2. CFM mode. Clear cap penalties option as Commissioner does not work 
3. CFM mode. Franchise mode freezes on week advances 
4. CFM mode. The draft in the off season doesn't advance to next user pick 
5. CFM mode. The advances don't sync with all users OR it will not save. Example, we were in week 2, logged out, came back the next day, and we were back in the off season. 

So tel me, EA Sports....why should we spend $60 on a game that does not work???????  


Solution?  Not buying EA crap.

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Re: Xbox one connection issues

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This is ridiculous. I go out and spend $60 on Madden and cant use half the features because they require you to be connected to the EA servers. Ive done everything listed above and not one thing has worked. Ive had the game for two weeks and have been able to get on twice. I am beyond upset over this crap and your lack of acknowledgement of this problem is that much more infuriating. At least let us know that the server problems are being worked on. 

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Re: Xbox one connection issues

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Cant connect to ea servers on madden 25. Bought the game a month ago and still not able to connect. Wats the issue??
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Re: Xbox one connection issues

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I have the same problem as you.Confusedmileymad:

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Re: Xbox one connection issues

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I can't freaking get the latest roster and online tuning data
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