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Madden 25 offline franchise

by buffaloalex6478

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Madden 25 offline franchise

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So far I am very disappointed with Madden 25! Let me start by saying I only play offline franchise / connected (whatever they're calling it now). The way I play I've been playing for years. I'd get the game around Christmas time (either ask for it or just use a BB gift card). I would simulate the first season according to how the actual NFL season goes. Ensuring the teams that won that week actually won and the teams that lost actually lost. I would do this by going under league schedule and sim one game at a time, then save. It is a long process but it's fun for me. Usually after doing this every team falls into their next years draft slot. So I would use my team (Buffalo) and draft accordingly to my teams' needs.  And then start actually playing the next year with my rookies and the team that I built.


This year I tried doing the same thing and there is no simulate game option under league schedule. Am I missing something? Please help!! I just put it in the xbox 2 days ago saw this option was not there and took it out.  This is the only way I play if this is an option they are removing there is no point in me buying the game.

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