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Madden 25 (Xbox One) Freezes

by j12livinglegend

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Madden 25 (Xbox One) Freezes

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I received Madden 25 for the Xbox One on Launch Day (disk based retail game) and have been having freezing issues with it ever since, specifically in Connected Franchise Mode (offline). I have not played outside of this mode long enough to confirm whether or not it results in the same issue.


The freezing occurs roughly every 30 minutes in Connected Franchise, causing me to lose data frequently. It's not a traditional "hard" freeze like the previous generation, but rather, the image locks up and the menu music continues to play. I am able to press the Xbox Home button to return home, and can continue to use any other feature available to me on the One. To return to Madden, however, I need to quit the game and restart it. 30 minutes later, same deal.



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Re: Madden 25 (Xbox One) Freezes

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Same problem here.  Game freezes when finishing a game in connected francise.  Cannot save, wasting plenty of time.  Can exit out to the main menu.  Most likely a problem with Xbox One's **bleep**ty 3OS system tyring to work together  Xbox360 version played flawlessly, Xbox one version is totally dissappointing

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Re: Madden 25 (Xbox One) Freezes

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Connected franchise mode is freezing up the system. Cannot practice, cannot play a preseason game. The game is [Comment Removed - Admin.]

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Re: Madden 25 (Xbox One) Freezes

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spent an hour with customer service checking pings and they say everything on the server is perfect. i got it to work once by pulling rt to connect to ea servers and then hitting b right away to cancel. i did it about 4 times and it locked up. next log in i got to plat a game. i tried the trick again with no luck. cannot play anything online. same exact issue as the first post. wasted so much time trying to play my connect career game. my friends are waiting on me. so frustrating. 


fyi it only will work if you log in to ea servers automatically at the press any button menu. if you have to pull rt to log on it WILL not work. i hope this info helps dev fix this and patch it so i can play mut after wasting all that money. or connected franchise where i cant play. ihave reset router xbone dleted all files unistalled game everything. ea needs to give up on its servers and let ms handle it

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Re: Madden 25 (Xbox One) Freezes

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I agree with this totally.  If the game doesn't log you into EA server from the hit any button page at the beginning - you are screwed if you go to MUT - 

But here's the weird part of this.  It ALWAYS happens with the second controller (non Day One controller).  It doesn't happen at least not yet - using the Day One controller.


So  - I got a new 2nd contoller - and of course - it happened AGAIN.


So WTF?  Why on one controller and not the others?  Who made this game?  Awful.

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