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Madden 25 Game Face

I have the same accont for my xbox live and EA sports but when i log into EA game face it says it gives me like a default account and not my xbox live so i cant put it on madden. i dont know what to do ive been on and everything trying to figure this all out. PLEASE HELP

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Im.having problems with game face in madden 25 every time I import it says unable to download a game face creat a game face at easports but I already did and I used same email as psn
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my gameface pulls up but after i choose the team and go to edit him it is not my face it is a white guy with long hair down his back clearly not me

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Re: Madden 25 Game Face

Directions for adding your PSN or Xbox Live ID to your EA Account can be found here.

You may be having trouble importing your XBox Live Gamertag or Playstation Network info if it is linked to an account other than your main EA account. To recover or make changes to your XBox Live Gamertag or PSN ID, be sure to contact an EA Game Advisor.

Please log in with your Origin account and then click 'Contact a Game Advisor' to see the contact options.

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Re: s

Have the same problem bro


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Game Face

Where do I find my Game Face once it's downloaded onto Madden 25. I'm using the PS3
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Re: Game Face

I don't know if the program works the same across systems, but once I uploaded my finished product using the Game Face program, it was an option within Madden 25 in the creation section and I was using Xbox 360. Hope that will steer you in the right direction.

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Game Face Error

I keep getting the error:  An error has occurred while downloading the latest Game Face.


I have already tried what EA forum has suggested, which is making sure my accounts are linked and that I resave my game face.  Still does not work.  Any help with this?



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Re: Game Face Error

I have the same issue. Any luck getting a fix to work?

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Re: Madden 25 Game Face

I'm on the Playstation 3, and I'm having the same problem. I have my Game Face saved on my laptop, but when I try to upload it in Madden NFL 25, it says "An error occurred". My account is linked, and I've downloaded all the required stuff, so I can't find out what the problem is right now.