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Madden 25, Franchise, Defensive Strategy, 3-4 to 4-3 (vice versa)

by sub1allstar

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Madden 25, Franchise, Defensive Strategy, 3-4 to 4-3 (vice versa)

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Problems with defensive strategy set up in franchise mode:


1.)  When switching from a 3-4 to 4-3 (or vice versa), the player positions don't change accordingly. 

            A.) 3-4 should have 2 MLB's and a 4-3 should have 2 DT's.

2.)   During gameplay, the defensive formation doesn't change as well.

3.)  Also, the statistics don't represent the formation you picked.

            A.) I changed to a 4-3 yet the simulated stats still show 2 MLB's with a high volume of tackles.


Please let me know if there's something I'm doing wrong in set up or if it's a glitch that'll hopefully be fixed soon.


Thank you 


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How do you save substitutions in career mode? Ex. switching out DE from a 3-4 to 4-3 or dime packages?

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Owner Mode Schemes do not change

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I did an owner mode, offline fantasy draft. I switched all the schemes from a 4-3 to a 3-4 before the draft. This includes the playbook the defensive scheme and the individual player schemes. When I did the draft the ratings were correct for my new scheme, however when I started the season my players were rated as if they were in a 4-3 scheme. This means my 80 overall DE is ranked in the 60s and my and my NT is ranked in the 50s, because they are being treated like 4-3 players! I have tried changing the schemes multiple times and nothing works.


Someone please help.



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Re: Owner Mode Schemes do not change

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I think that the schemes reset automatically every week. Needs a fix ASAP!
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Re: Owner Mode Schemes do not change

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Please fix this, it is absolutely ruining the game for me.

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Re: Owner Mode Schemes do not change

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On my game they stay the same, but it still doesnt work

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Re: Owner Mode Schemes do not change

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Its owner mode specific to offline franchise.  Owner mode scheme changing works completely fine in online franchise mode, its offline mode that has this problem.  Basically the first week you are the owner you can change the scheme and it changes the players' ratings accordingly but after the first week, be it regular season or first week of offeseason at the very beginning, the ratings go back but the scheme is "saved" the ratings just revert.  At this point changing the scheme does nothing and the ratings revert back to how they were under the Coach's original scheme. 


Coach mode offline does not have this glitch.  You can adjust the scheme and change the ratings, however its killing my desire to play this game offline because I can't modify the scheme and it has my 49ers running backs all in the 60's except for Gore and Dixon (WTF?  Dixon higher than Hunter or James?).  Its ruining my franchise experience, yeah I could be coach only, but that basically peels back all the additions they made with owner mode and basically gives you Madden 13 connected career mode.


Hurry up and patch this EA or else thanks for swindling me one last time with you Xbox 360 Madden experience that you could never quite get right.  Why not pay some people and fix the problems ya greedy suits.


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Defensive Scheme

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Ive just started a connected franchise offline mode with the bengals, whos default defensive scheme is 4-3. I prefer to play 3-4, so i change to that... I go into a game and by defense lines up 4-3? How do i sort this?
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Defense scheme presentation

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I use a 3-4 defense but the only way they introduce my defense is in a 4-3 no matter what team or strategy I use! Is this a glitch or something that as usual won't be adressed
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Re: Defense scheme presentation

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Set your scheme, but the announcers answers are obviously pre-recorded and arent' going to reflect the actual changes to your team.

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