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Ball Hawk, Heat Seeker, etc. Don't Stay on!

by skatezero

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Ball Hawk, Heat Seeker, etc. Don't Stay on!

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Hey everybody,


I've been playing madden 25 since the night it came out and only now realized that Ball hawk and heat seeker DO NOT stay on in offline (and i assume online) connected career franchise modes. Even when you pause and go to settings and try and turn them on, they just shut back off. 


Stupidly enough, it says they are on in the settings in the main menu in the franchise mode, but the second you go into the game ITS NOT ON!


Mine specfically is with the seahwaks, I made a coach, and I was wondering why I had no luck picking off passes, until I went into exhibtiion (play now) games and bascially picked off almost every pass I got my secondary to.


I'm pretty pissed off at the whole EA sports system that something this obvious hasn't been fixed yet and it's really affecting my gameplay. 


Any help?


Do you think it's cause I'm on all madden? Or maybe I need to do an online career mode instead of an offline one?



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Ball Hawk and Switch Assist

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Re: Ball Hawk, Heat Seeker, etc. Don't Stay on!

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I have the same problem and i tryed online off line all the differnt difficulty settings and nothing worked only auto strafe will go on. I google searched it and others are having the same problem too but no one has an answer yet.

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Re: Ball Hawk, Heat Seeker, etc. Don't Stay on!

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I have the same problem. you know i can handle a few quirks and I don't hit the message boards moaning the day madden comes out but come on. between the server freeze, the gameface zombies and having all the "new controls" unuseable in franchise I mean really, who tests this game. it's virtually unplayable right out of the box. it took all of 10 minutes for me to load it, start my gameface franhise and play one quarter before i deleted the franchise and stopped playing. there is no way of tackling with out the heatseeker, you press the wrap up tackle button and any decent rb will blow up your lb. I understand that this stuff will probably be fixed in the next while but I don't understand how you ship this game in this state. pure cashgrab. I have bought madden every year since 08 and this one is the biggest let down. 

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Re: Ball Hawk, Heat Seeker, etc. Don't Stay on!

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Pretty frustrating that you can't use the new features that make up a huge chunk of the tutorial.


After almost a week, you would think there'd be an update to fix what appears to be basic functionality that was broken when the game was released.

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Ball Hawk, Heat Seeker, and Switch Assist broken in Offline Franchise

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Ball Hawk, Heat Seeker, and Switch Assist all appear to be broken in offline franchise mode. 


Creating a franchise with those settings does not result on those settings being turned on in games. Attempting to switch the settings to on just results in them being switched back to off as soon as the menu is exited. 


Seems like pretty basic functionality that's broken there. Either that or you don't want people to have access to those functions in offline franchise (why?) but it seems like the menu should have been greyed out like the rest of the inaccessible options.


Not sure how a bug this big made it through testing, but it's pretty frustrating.

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Re: Ball Hawk, Heat Seeker, etc. Don't Stay on!

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Having the same issue.  It gets very frustrating, because the skills builder for defense is THESE TWO FEATURES!!!!  I spent a lot of time replaying the skills builder to get the hang of these two features, and now, when playing my offline franchise with the Seahawks (who only have black, white, and the primary colors on their shoes, and no green options) I press the ball hawk button only to see my DB stop moving, stay in one place, and the receiver run down the field.  I really hope that they fix this, because, as you have all said, it seems silly to put such a focus on these features and then not have them working in a game mode.

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Re: Ball Hawk, Heat Seeker, etc. Don't Stay on!

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This is a problem. There is no reason why the marketing geniuses at EA should ship an incomplete game to us! Between this and the lack of truly changeable schemes, it makes Connected Careers unplayable!
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Ball Hawk and Heat Seeker disabled in Connected Career Offline

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I'm really frustrated.  I spent a good chunk of time going through the skills trainer to get used to Heat Seeker and see if there were any adjustments to Ball Hawk.  When I started my Connected Career (Offline) I quickly discovered that, although I had turned both of these features on while setting up my Connected Career, when I was playing the games the Heat Seeker and Ball Hawk were not working.  This is very frustrating, and I'm hoping that the next patch to come out will correct this issue.  I takes away from the enjoyment of the game at times.

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Game issues

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Ball hawk, heat seeker and the switch assist don't stay on, when I'm playing I turn it on but as soon I resume the game it turn off again, why this is happening??

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