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import gameface to my madden 13 game

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how can i import my gameface to my madden 13 game on ea account email is REMOVED BY COMMUNITY MANAGEMENT - Never, ever post your account info and NEVER share your password with ANYONE

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Re: import gameface to my madden 13 game

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1. I would suggest removing your information. 

2. Log in at , select your platform. 

3. Create your Game Face.

4. Chose your Career of choice and you will be able to select your Game Face.


If your Game Face is not working correctly, you may need to delete your Game Face save file and re-upload it. If re-uploading the file does not work, you may need to contact EA in order to look into your account.


-Regard Me.

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Re: import gameface to my madden 13 game




This FAQ on Game Face will help you get started.


More importantly, please update your password. The security of your account is important, so, it's NEVER a good idea to give anyone your password. The Answer HQ is not a private one-to-one conversation with an EA Advisor, but rather, a gamer driven community where we help each other. Therefore, posting account information is NOT safe, especially passwords. 


Hope the link helps. Post back if you have more questions.