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gameface import help!!!!!!!

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how do you import your gameface to madden 13 xbox 360 from a laptop?

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Re: gameface import help!!!!!!!

Follow the procedure given in the FAQ.




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Re: gameface import help!!!!!!!

that doesnt work, i have tried making the 32 and 2d render, as well as uploading the faces under extensions and it still gives an error message in the game gae stating that i have not made one and i need to do so.

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Re: gameface import help!!!!!!!

I just got off the phone with ea they say us chrome format,i went through explore on my laptop,an it was explained to me that explore doesn't update fast enough were as chrome updates daily!!!!hope this helps brothers & sisters.  P.S. WHEN U DO THIS CHECK ON MADDEN 13,MADDEN25 IS HAVE ALOT OF PROBLEMS OR CHECK ON FIFA13

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Re: gameface import help!!!!!!!

I've been doing the steps for 2 days. All my emails are the same. All my accounts are connected. I uploaded in extensions. I've re-saved my gameface. I even made a completely new madden account just to start from scratch and it STILL didn't work. Could someone please shed some light on this situation because I am fairly upset about taking the time to do game face only to have it not import to my playstation.

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