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Unlink XBOX 360 Gamertag from EA Account

Years ago I setup my EA Account when playing one of the EA sports games. That email has long since been deleted/forgotten and I no longer have access to it. My XBOX 360 Gamertag is linked to that email address though and not my current EA Origin Account.


Basically EA Origin account [edit: email address removed] is history - I have no access to it, but it is what is linked to my XBOX 360 Gamertag of ErrbY. And my EA Origin account I do use under [edit: email address removed] will not allow me to link ErrbY because of said problem.


Is there anyway you guys can help me and unlink the old account or something? I would appreciate it.

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Re: Unlink XBOX 360 Gamertag from EA Account

Hi errby,


Account issues like this are something an EA Game Advisor will need to help you with. Please log in with your Origin account and then click 'Contact a Game Advisor' to see the contact options.



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