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Madden Ultimate Team card collection problems! Help!!

by ryankim97

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Madden Ultimate Team card collection problems! Help!!

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I am having problems with collections in my ultimate team mode. I saved cards to my collections by going to active cards and clicking on "send to pending collections" BUT it does not do anything else... The card does not have a "COLLECTED" over it in red like I see in everyone else's when I got to the collections box on the MUT main menu.


Same goes with the uniforms I place in collections... I have collected 4 and sent them to collection, YET the progress still says "progress: 0 of 32"


Next, the progress at the top of the collection package does NOT change, for example, I collected the Romeo Crennel key card for that collection and the Charles Tillman fantasy week 5 card today for the fantasy week 5 collection and the progress for them both still said "progress: 0 of (# total) " The progress should update every time a card is collected, correct?? This DOES NOT happen for me!


ALSO,when I first completed the Vince Lombardi challenge and got his card, the collection did not work and Lombardi's connected career was not unlocked.. I used his card as my coach for MUT before placing in collections, does the contract matter at all for collections??


(Note: when sent to collections after a week or so, contract was at 4-- refilled with contract I had and still did not work) HELP!



Finally, I do not have XBox Live membership... Is xbox live necessary to collect the cards and get the rewards for collecting them all???

HELP!! I'm collecting lots of cards but no prgress is being made, so it says, and it does not say its "collected" as well. Please help!!


How do I fix this problem? Is there a certain time to put them into collection? Why was Lombardi not colleceted and unlocked?? 



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Re: Madden Ultimate Team card collection problems! Help!!

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After you send the card to "pending collections" you have to go into the collections section and actually redeem it in the right place. For example you get an away jersey you've been missing you would put the card in your current roster > send to pending collections  then you would go to the collections screen> teams> Away uniforms then you would find the corresponding uniform (should be highlighted) and press Get available pending collection item. Takes a while if you have a lot of them, but in the end I think it's worth it

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Re: Madden Ultimate Team card collection problems! Help!!

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I have a simular issue, except mine is sort of different. I understand the process of how to collect the cards. But after I collected my very first card (I got the red collected stamp) I add more cards to my pending collections and could not put them in the any of the collections. they didn't light up like the first one I tried. None of them do, even when it's clearly a match. What is the problem and what can I do? I don't want to lose my progress. Thanks so much.

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Re: Madden Ultimate Team card collection problems! Help!!

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I've had a somewhat similar issue in that the cards looked identical (same chemistry, rating, etc.). However, on the back, one said "Road to the play-offs" while another said "Play-offs." I'm not sure if you checked that; hope this helps.

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