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Madden 13 scheme?

by packersrule5212

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Madden 13 scheme?

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How does the scheme work?  If a player does not fit into your scheme does that have any negative affects?  And if a player does fit into your scheme does that have any postive affects?  I dont know if I should draft/sign/trade for players that do not fit into my scheme.  Any help me be much apprecaited! 

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Re: Madden 13 scheme?

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Ok so from my understanding so far, players have a base scheme and depending on yours(coach's) scheme their ratings are different.

Say terrell suggs(3-4 OLB) would be rated a 95 in a 3-4 attacking scheme, but if used in a tampa 2 or 4-3 defensive scheme he would be rated in the lower 80's

So yes it does affect them because i think(guessing) his ratings in a unfarmiliar scheme would be worse in categories like awereness, play recognition etc. the mental type ones.
hope this helps any way possible Standard smile

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