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Madden 13 question

I have never played a Madden football game before. I am a big fan of the FIFA games though. Anyway I bought Madden Football 13 recently and found the manual rrather lacking in explaining on how to play the game (FIFA suffers from this too, but so far I have managed to play FIFA 12 by refering to FIFA 11's manual since I could not figure out how to access the ingame manual for the controls). I have tried to play Madden 13 but I cannot figure out how to kick off, execute a PAT, (or kick a field goai I suppose). I managed to kick off to start the game but I cannnot remember how I did it. I have pushed every button bit nothing happens. I am playing on a PS3. Can anyone help?

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Re: Madden 13 question

There should be a manual on the disc on the game. Press start and see if it is there otherwise look on the main menu. they do this on all ea games not. there are now no manuals in game case and are now on disc.


Hope i helps



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Re: Madden 13 question

Thanks for your reply Matt. I know that manuals are on the disc but my problem with FIFA 12 is that in the ingame manual says to do something to get the controls explained you have to do something that I do not understand. If someone can answer that question I would appreciate it. However, I am able to play FIFA 12 because the controls respond like FIFA 11.


As far as Madden 13 is concerned, since it is the first Madden game I have purchased I am a bit lost even with the ingame manual. I tried playing the game but as I stated before I cannot figure out how to kck off kick PAT and field goals. Ihave other questions, but right now I need help with this particular question that the manual hoes not address.

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Re: Madden 13 question

Use the RIGHT Stick pull down on it to start up the kick power, once the kick power in in green flick the RIGHT Stick up to kick the ball. Hope this helps