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Madden 13 ps vita roster update

by mo920

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Madden 13 ps vita roster update

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I want to know when you guys will release updates for Madden 13 rosters and Madden moments live for the ps vita consoles like you guys are updating the xbox 360 and ps3 ones. I payed $40 of my hard earned money to buy this game for my vita thinking that it would have roster updates like the console versions and I'm extremely disappointed that EA isn't updated rosters for the vita version of Madden nfl 13. If you guys don't updated rosters for the vita versions like you do for the console version then I WANT MY MONEY BACK because im not getting what I payed for at all. I am a very angry and disappointed customer. please fix this or give me my money back.



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Re: Madden 13 ps vita roster update

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I couldnt agree more.  This has gone on for way to long now.  Who is responsible for updates on the vita?  I have messaged Donny Moore on Twitter repeatedly and gotten nothing back.  I think we are all just looking for some answers.  This has been advertised as the best football gave ever to hit a handheld but I am still not playing it after spending that money due to us not even getting a 53 man update.  I understand the vita is just a recycled version on Madden 12 without all the income that goes with the console version but I think they have a responsibility to update us on the release date for the update!  

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Re: Madden 13 ps vita roster update

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The non suport of the VITA version is really a hard hit.

And it s not that you can't do it, since VITA got the pre-week1 roster update.

It just seems like EA don t want to spare any money on this version.

This is weird because EA is still advertising this game on gameday or on, why would you attract people to buy this game if your not going to support it ?

This game definetely need roster update, Madden Moments live Update, and a title update would be nice too !!!

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Re: Madden 13 ps vita roster update

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Is there any news on a final roster update on PS Vita or not ?! Now the season is over we could at least expect a last update  like on PS3 or Xbox....

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