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Madden 13 Wii U - progress lost as offline connected career reverts to an earlier time

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I'm running into issues where my "save" is not really saving.  Currently, I'm playing Week 12 of a third season, and last night, I played several games and got to Week 15.  I saved my progress for my profile and for my career, and then closed out of the software.  Since I've run into this issue before, I also saved off my data to a flash drive after exiting the software (because you can't do that from within the software anyway).  This morning, I start up the game, and load my last saved career and BOOM!  I'm back at Week 12.  <sigh>  All that progress, lost.  This has actually happened multiple times now, so I was particularly careful to do everything in a precise way last night.  I had everything saved to the system memory, and I then wrote it to the flash drive.  I did NOT restore anything from the flash drive at first, so there should not have been any corruption or loss of data on the system itself.  After I got reverted involuntarily to Week 12, I decided to try to restore the file I had saved on the flash drive to see if that would recover me back to Week 15, but when the system came back up, I was still at Week 12.  Last night, prior to shutting down for the night, I had also saved the game, closed out the software, then re-launched the game and the profile to verify it was still on Week 15, which it was.  It was at that point that I felt good about things and made the backup of the file to the flash drive, then shut down for the night.  I don't know if this is an issue with some flaw in the saving mechanism of the game, or with my particular Wii U system memory.  I'm going to borrow my friend's Wii U to copy over the profile and see if I experience the same thing there, thereby ruling out the Wii U.  It'd be nice to hear if others have had this problem and what resolution they may be able to relate to me.  I do really love this game, but being constantly set back because of failed saves is beyond frustrating.  If I can't find a way to retain my progress, I'll just stop playing because I can't stand the frustration.  The only thing I do with my Wii U is play Madden 13 on it, so if I stop playing, I might as well sell the system and my copy of the software.  I'd much rather get a resolution.
Oh, by the way, in the event any EA people actually read these things - it SURE WOULD BE NICE to be able to save more than one file for a given career.  Right now, I only get the option to save my progress in one file, instead of saving to a new filename and being able to revert back to other timelines in my career, if I want.  I think it would be really helpful at least for troubleshooting purposes like I'm doing now to be able to create a different file.  I would also point out that every other game I've ever played in my life that had a save function also allowed changing the filename to be able to retain multiple copies.  I really don't understand the thinking behind allowing just one.  That's beyond lame.  Apart from that, though (and this saving issue), I absolultely LOVE this game and I think it was very well implemented on the Wii U with the touch pad play calling.


Update - I did some additional testing.  I made a change, then saved and backed out without shutting down - the change was still there.  I then took it a step farther and turned off the Wii U, but left it plugged in - the change was still there.  I then took it a step farther and unplugged the Wii U, and the change was still there.  Then, I decided to try to save my profile to my flash drive, and that's what lost the change.  After simply trying to save the file at the Wii U menu level outside of Madden 13 to a flash drive, that's when my game reverted to a previous save.  I didn't try to re-load it or anything else after that - I just saved off the file, then started Madden 13 and resumed my last career.


I must admit I have no clue how it could revert like that.  I don't know if this means that the game isn't saving properly within Madden 13, or whether there's an issue with the Wii U system memory.  All I know is that this sucks because I've lost probably 10 hours of game play progress while I've messed with this.  I want to save my game data in the event that there's some sort of problem that causes me to lose my data, but the act of saving my data actually causes me to LOSE that same data!  What's up with that?

Update - I do know how it reverted.  When I had the USB flash drive plugged in, data was being saved to that and I thought it was being written to system memory instead.  When I removed the flash drive, the game defaulted back to the system memory and what was stored there was not current.  My progress was not actually lost.  Rather, it was stored on the USB drive which I had removed.  Had I simply plugged the USB drive back in (making sure you have the system powered off when you do that because it won't read it otherwise), my progress would have been there for me.


Another update - I played last night and did not save anything to the flash drive (I only saved everything within the game), and yet my progress reverted.  This is extremely frustrating.  I'll do more testing to see if I can figure this out.


Another update - it would appear that if you format your USB drive before starting the game, then play the game and save, you can then exit the game to the Wii U main menu outside of the game, then save your file to the USB drive and that will work.  If you attempt to overwrite a file on the USB drive, it will fail (but it won't tell you this) and revert your progress to your previous successfully saved point.  It would seem that just not saving to the USB drive would solve the problem as that's the main thing that appears to revert your progress and lose your data, but I *think* I've seen data loss by simply playing, saving within the game, then exiting out and playing the next day.  I can't be 100% sure on this, though, as I've been trying a lot of different things in an effort to nail this down.  I'll have to make a few changes without any attempts at doing anything with the USB to verify.  Once I get some more testing energy, I'll give that a whirl for the benefit of the community here and my own sanity.

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Re: Madden 13 Wii U - progress lost as career reverts to an earlier time

I'm only in my 1st season and have not had my progress lost yet.  I'm using the online my career.  Are you using online or offline?  

Also, on a separate issue.  Do you know if there will be roster update for the Wii U since there won't be a Madden 25 for Wii U?

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Re: Madden 13 Wii U - progress lost as career reverts to an earlier time

I'm playing offline.  I can't speak to the roster updates because my offline rosters have their own life.  I do recall trying to get a roster update a month or so ago and was told I had the latest roster, despite the fact I know some moves have been made in the NFL.

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Re: Madden 13 Wii U - progress lost as career reverts to an earlier time

Sparky, I would expect that the data for an online career would be stored on an EA server and not on your local Wii U.  Is that a correct statement?  If so, I think that would prevent any problems with losing career data because it's not stored on your console.

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Re: Madden 13 Wii U - progress lost as offline connected career reverts to an earlier time

I believe I've found the problem here, and it appears to be working as designed, per Nintendo's site.  Here's a blurb I found on using USB drivers:



If you copy save data from your system memory to a USB storage device, the USB storage device will become the default location for all new saves for that title.

If you copy save data from a USB storage device to system memory, the USB storage device data will remain the default location and all new saves will continue to be saved to the USB storage device. This cannot be changed unless the USB storage device is removed.


To Summarize:

Copy from System Memory to USB Storage Device: USB storage becomes the default location for new saves.

Copy from USB Storage Device to System Memory: USB storage remains the default location for new saves.


So, the fact that I had a USB drive attached to the Wii U and copied data there to back it up made the USB drive the new default storage location, so writing the system data back to the USB drive had the effect of overwriting my progress with older data.  I would say if you want to back up your data, you should do these steps:

1. Attach a USB drive to the Wii U while it's powered down.

2. Power up the Wii U and then format the USB drive.

3. Copy the game file (the Madden 13 file, in this particular case, but it would apply to all games, I think) to the USB drive.

4. Power down the Wii U.

5. Disconnect the USB drive so that future saves are made to the system memory, not the USB.

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Re: Madden 13 Wii U - progress lost as offline connected career reverts to an earlier time

Good work pumpknhd, thank you for your efforts.

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