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Madden 13 Gameface error.

by yensumii

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Re: Madden 13 Gameface error.

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It does not allow me to add or change my persona, i click it.. and nothing happens.


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madden 13 gameface

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Ive already created a game face and saved it, why does this error keep coming up- unable to download a game face, please create a game face?

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Re: Madden 13 Gameface error.

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it wont download

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Re: Madden 13 Gameface error.

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It won't let me even go on the webpage to start making a gameface.

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Re: Madden 13 Gameface error.

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Hello EA, I also am having problems with the EA Gameface for PS3. I made a new e-mail, ea profile, psn account & orgin account and STILL cannot download my character on Madden13. everything is under Kid_Canada519. Ive saved my gameface and can access it on my laptop, it says in the settings that the PSN ID is correct but still wont download in the game. What am i missing? Thank you for taking time to answser my questions. hope to hear from u soon,

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Re: Madden 13 Gameface error.

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where is this found?

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Re: Game Face Issue

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I'm having the same issue.

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Unable to update account at this time >> MADDEN 2013. Connecting my Origin / Gameface with Madden

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I've just bought a used copy of Madden 2013 and I created a 3d gameface profile on However, when I try to log in to EA sports servers on the game it presents an innaccurate email address and asks me if I want to update my information. Trying to update the info does not work and I receive an error that states "Unable to update your account at this time..."


I've checked my origin and EA accounts and even updated my email address on my XBOX Live profile but I'm still not having any luck.


I called EA support but after 10 minutes of being on hold the system hung up on me. 


I need help please!

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Re: Madden 13 Gameface error.

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Game face error can't download it to my ps3 Please FIX!!!! Have my latest game face on my ea sports account and all emails are the same ugh!! COM ON MAN GET IT TOGEATHER
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Re: Madden 13 Gameface error.

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i did all that but it wont let me update my info

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Accepted Solution

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When your logged into EAsports on your profile page, at the top does it say that your default persona is the x-box GT ( or PSN ID )? You have to create the gameface on the console persona.

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