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Why is fifa completely broken?

by chrisrowe1987

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Why is fifa completely broken?

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I would like the following questions answered just so I know what EA think

1) it makes me laugh every year how you release videos of fifa as well as the opening video showing an awesome free flowing game with creativity and skill! Do you purposely not use the actual gameplay because its that bad?

2) why do you give players stats when they are meaningless ? Why does Walcott who has 96 pace get caught by a player with 34 pace! How does that make sence....xavi schweinsteiger fabregas are some of the best passers about so why when I use pass and add direction does it go the opposite way?

3) why do players constantly bump into each other or fall over? I never see that in football?

4) why are the gks completely broken! You've made them better shot stoppers but there randomness makes them pointless?

5) why are headers from crosses so overpowered?

6) why can u not slide tackle without a card? And isn't it embarrassing to watch the replay that shows it was perfectly good?

7) why can't you sprint past people without every single player close you down in 1 second n just barge u off the ball?

8) why are your servers still so bad and why when it disconnects us through your error should we lose a match?

I could go on with more! But this fifa is broken I'm not sure who you bribed to get such reviews but its god awful! The realistic answer is you don't care because you get money either way!!
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Re: Why is fifa completely broken?

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Lob balls overpowered.


Defenders tend to run forward,stop,look up and then finally attempt to chase the lob ball


every rebound/parry goes right back to the attacker


Referees don't seem to know the difference between a foul and not.for example, the guy over ran the ball,shot so he had to slide, my guy runs into him while he's on the floor,penalty, REALLY?!?!?!?!


total randomness with lennon knocking kompany over -.-


random passes, you could aim right at the guy you want,like 10 yards away and it will smash it to the guy by the opposite touch line......


Real dribblers can't dribble to save their life, they turn so slowly every game is like a league 2 game. 


First touch is still a mess, slow 5 yard passes can still bounce off faster than they are received,yet Sau 91 pace can run right into it under complete control ( I know cause I used him )


Contain is a huge problem this year as it just runs right into them like legacy defending ( again I've tested it ) most of the time


As mentioned, the list is quite large.

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Re: Why is fifa completely broken?

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ALSO the PS3 Career mode menus laggy as hell!!!! Hope they fix Frown

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