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Why is FIFA 14 bad?

by adampvfc

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Re: Why is FIFA 14 bad? Does the Computer Cheat??? Now that is some intense AI

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Touch is a big problem in FIFA 14. If the CPU had the same touch issues as human players then it might be workable, but it doesn't.  Also the fact that you can't change direction without a huge hour long debate with the ball and gravity really hurts dribbling tactics. Then the fact that passing makes the player vulnerable from the time the buttons are pressed till the pass takes place and that the computer can amazingly intercept about 95% of the balls from World class on up makes the passing game risky.


My only thought that gives EA some credit is that the AI is so highly developed that the computer actually cheats and purposefully makes human players F'up and the CPU play better.  The computer Cheats!!!

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Re: Why is FIFA 14 bad? Does the Computer Cheat??? Now that is some intense AI

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you sit and watch the AI pass the ball around for 75 mins per game and when you do get luck enough to score the computer just strings a few passes together and bang your losing again. i was 3 nil up against totw on ultimate difficulty maybe 15 mins to go from full time i just cant get the ball. guess what i lose 4-3 and get next to nothing for my trouble. ea have made this game more harder so people get less coins for winning and spend real money instead. i also have an issue with fut offline seasons not giving coins and league progress after a match. i emailed ea about this issue and guess what it takes 2 week to get a reply.

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Re: Why is FIFA 14 bad?

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They should make a side game in this called Pinball Tackle, see how many times you can tackle a player to have it roll to another opposing player, you win if you ever actually get the ball in the end...yep, going to be playing that for a while to win.
How do defenders get to the ball at the same time as me, he can stick in a foot and the ball can fly accelerate away at right angles down the pitch perfectly to their striker, it would be nice if i could get a foot in first..just once..? Oh wait thats right it did happen once, but the **bleep**ty first touch sent the ball dribbling into the goalies hands.

This game is rubbish, they failed to fix the infurating unrealistic aspects of previous versions, and added a whole bunch of new rubbish. I really love the magnetic ball that magically continues to roll out of play, in any situation, with any power on the pass/lob etc, I've seen real players pass the ball with some backspin...oh right sorry I forgot, the creators of this game don't actually watch football..The sad thing is there's 9 pages of posts here, and everybody is correct. I thought i would have learnt with Sim City, guess not. EA stinks.

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Re: Why is FIFA 14 bad?

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All these issues are exactly the reason why I havent spend a dime on packs to improve my squad since fifa 11/12. In the last fifas building an "ultimate team" has been completely useless with all the scripting and bugs. Getting better players doesnt actually matter in this game so why even bother getting them? And especially spending money on them. Ive pkayed with great squads and crappy squads or silver squads and it truly doesnt matter whatsoever. Higher rated players dont actually play better at all. Which is why I stick to silver/average gold squads instead of getting those so called good players.
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Re: Why is FIFA 14 bad?

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The following has appeared on some game pages:-


ORIGINAL STORY: EA Sports will this week release the much anticipated FIFA 14 patch to consoles that should make it harder to score a goal.

Following complaints from players, EA Sports has tweaked key gameplay techniques, including lofted through balls, attacking headers and finesse shots.

There are also bug fixes.

Here's what the patch does:

  • Balancing lofted through balls. 
  • Balancing attacking headers. 
  • Balancing finesse shots. 
  • Improved defender switching during crosses. 
  • Freezes while making substitutions during gameplay. 
  • Freezes while entering and exiting Leaderboards. 
  • Improvements made to Dynamic Camera. 
  • Corrected crowd sections in Signal Iduna Park. 
  • Corrected "Any" and "GK" filters in Pro Clubs.
  • We've responded to the community and upgraded FIFA 14 cover star Stephan El Shaarawy to 4* Skills in Online Seasons, Head to Head, and Career Mode using EA SPORTS Football Club Match Day. Since the FIFA 14 Ultimate Team ratings and database are separate from the Match Day Update, he will be assessed and potentially upgraded in FUT at a later date.

The patch is live now for PC, and will be released to consoles this week, EA Sports said.

"We've located some of the issues causing freezing throughout the game, but not all of them," the FIFA team wrote on the EA website.

"Please continue to let us know about specific instances on the EA forums as your feedback has helped immensely. There are a small percentage of remaining crashing/freezing instances and the team will continue to investigate and address them as needed. Thanks for your patience during this time."



Fair enough, but can you please add to this patch the ability for tackling, passing, first touch, correct in game player attributes and shooting, then the game will be playable, thank you very much!!!

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Re: Why is FIFA 14 bad?

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You dont have a clue what you are talking about, how is Suarez better than van persie? Hes a cheating, diving, cannibalistic moron who is a disgrace to the football, and dont get me started on who's better technicnally and why. EA loves united? What about Januzaj? A bronze, who is by far better than sterling and what rating is he? You chat out of your anus. And as of EA asking you for a job, what qualifications do you have? Games design? You make yourself out to be amazing at whatever you do and demand a job or else you wont buy there game as if it profits them any less... I do games design, and by the looks of things, what your doing isnt the way you go about getting a job offer from EA.

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Re: Why is FIFA 14 bad?

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Wow... I have now read most of the posts here, and agree to some things, and not to most.


This game is slower, but more realistic. I can say that after 150 games. Over 1500 on Fifa 13. The thing as I see it, is that every game has its own charmes and flaws, its a fact. Fifa 13 suited some players better, and maybe Fifa 14 suit some other players better. Don't get me wrong, I still win and lose about the same amount of games as before, so it hasn't made my gameplay better. However, the tempo an player movement are, in my opinion more realistic as I said, and we all have to adapt. All great players adapt. And I think many of you in here complaining will do so to. Most of you probably won most games in Fifa 13, and now get to lose some more than you are used to. Well, buck up and adapt, is what I say. And your winning percentage will be as high as it was when you do. Remember, it is new to us all.


One thing I definetly don't agree on is OP over the top passes. They certinly are more ineffective in Fifa 14, because most of them goes all the way to opposition goalkeeper. I dont use them half as much as in Fifa 13.


A cross, and a goal. Yes, very effective. Bit OP there. Still, timing is also key.


Above all though. Speed... Yes, I like speed, but of course you shouldn't win just because you have speedy players. And there are two main reasons why that isn't so in Fifa 14: Over the top passes are much harder to get right. As I said, most go to the opponents goalie. If not timed perfectly of course.


And my main bother. It has been mentioned, but again. How on earth can a defender with pace around 65 catch up with, yes CATCH UP with a player who has around 90 in pace?! That I have seen to often, and is very unrealistic...


But, I try to swallow the things I don't like, and like the things I like.


The main thing for me is that all functions of the game, apart from gameplay, work as they should. The gameplay I can adapt to. And I think we all will to do that in time.

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Re: Why is FIFA 14 bad?

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@ desdichado91:


you make some valid points, but you cant disagree with the fact that the game is highly flawed

Pace isn't everything but it is a part of the real world and to make it so ineffective is an error in the game

The amount of complaints on this site and many others is proof that the majority of FIFA players are not happy with this product


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Re: Why is FIFA 14 bad?

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@ cokelighter

True it has its flaws. But a few of them will hopefully get fixed. Overall its quite ok. That pace is so ineffective is very annoying though. You must be able to sprint free without being caught up with a fast player vs a slow one. Anything else is unrealistic. I mean, take away Walcotts speed IRL, then what does he have?

And yes, those who complain are unsatisfied. But logic says those who are ok with it or even happy with it, don't have the need to do so. Just because a group of people demonstrate, doesn't mean they represent everyone, right?Standard smile

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Re: Why is FIFA 14 bad?

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I`d say its more than a group of people,

from what I`ve seen on here and on other sites, the majority of the fifa community are dissatisfied with "14"

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