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Why is FIFA 14 bad?

by adampvfc

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Re: Why is FIFA 14 bad?

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mate they have lost 2 customers now

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Re: Why is FIFA 14 bad?

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Update: I posted this exact same message into two sections of EA's yesterday - and within 12 hours, I was banned from using their forum. That in itself - speaks complete volumes.. and for me, it screams more about EA's control / fear / silencing mechanisms than anything else. 




Fifa 14, without any shadow of any doubt, is a flawed product - with the majority of comments thus far in this thread being absolutely spot on with this Ultimate truth about where this product currently stands.


Despite EA’s own internal hype / the majority of ‘positive reviews’ that haven’t addressed or commented at all about the real truth behind this so-called finished product, Fifa 14 does in no way compare to its predecessor Fifa 13 - 90% of time.


Mass scripting within Fifa Ultimate Team (FUT) & Seasons still exists. Which means that, despite having the option to go into Settings to change the way your players or the computer’s artificial intelligence (AI) behave against each other, playing with FUT (offline & online) makes that internal option null & void - and continues EA’s stance on using scripting for potential profit plus additional gameplay (and visual) frustration.


The mindset behind EA choosing not to have gamers having any power to seize Ultimate control over all modes within Fifa Ultimate Team - executes in the same fashion as the coding behind Fifa 13’s Seasons / Online Friendlies and Fifa 13’s daily game challenges that enabled you to gain extra XP points. FUT overall seems only to point towards gaining additional/potential revenue streams from existing customers, fuelling various forms of gamer misdirection, and creating product unreality of the highest order.


Instead of presenting us with an additional course of fit-for-purpose online gameplay that relies more on skill, timing and reactions – FUT 13/14 is goes out of its way to be a levelled and unfair coding experience that creates bias outcomes and random / barmy on-field player situations based on the way we use our joypad.


PS3’s Fifa 14 menu system lags most of the time. Switching between menus on its flick-across operating system staggers and sticks like a PC trying to run 5 programs at the same with on 200MB left on its hard drive. Within Team Management in Career Mode, selecting players by merely moving up and down is periodically slow.


As said earlier.. in comparison to Fifa 13 - there is none: as Fifa 13 (and still is) is quick, quick, quick.


The Global Transfer Network (GTN) and this method of not revealing the majority of global players statistics until you’ve actually assigned a scout to source out / reveal more of their stats in Fifa 14, goes far beyond waiting for your favourite meal at your local restaurant two hours after you’ve arrived. This method of screening / presenting players to transfer to your own club for Fifa gamers is counterproductive of the highest order.


In Fifa 13, every player statistic is available to read. You can make a visual decision about those players quickly or whittle them down to your shortlist for later comparison. Simple.


In Fifa 14 – you have to wait for this information to be collected via the six scouts you can select up to one time.


Why now in Fifa 14 do we have to wait to see a whole tally of statistics for other players who are not in our own team (in Career Mode), when they were all instantly accessible in Fifa 13 by the flick of a button? That decision to change that way of screening players makes no sense. What was brilliant before, is now drawn out into a session of waiting for delayed buses in the rain with a renewed process called GTN overkilling the normal way of common acumen-sense.


The Career Mode email inbox. Monthly scouting update messages for the Youth Academy is always appreciated, but these daily email updates from the scouts you can assign, present an influx of email messages which you either leave or get rid of individually. Deleting all of them wastes far more time in repetitive game-pruning and adds more fuel to the fire when it comes to the way that the in-game menu system currently flows and the way it delays / lags constantly in Career Mode on PS3.


Gameplay in Fifa 14. AI’s continued use of its defence backline moving back in sync and in one motion - causing YOU to be offside, when in actual fact you’ve played the ball correctly to a player who is not in an offside position from when you originally started.


Extracting FUT / Seasons out of the mix, because the overall coding and build is not remotely fair for any comparison, playing on Legendary / World Class modes in Career Mode / Match Of The Day / Kick-Off in Fifa 13 becomes alive in a game-playing aspect, as defences / goalkeepers were sometimes like brick walls / a real challenge to break through. AI in Fifa 13 reacts as soon as you move – and more importantly - you CAN react in the same way the AI could in Fifa 13.


But as a human, we have that ability to react quicker and smarter.


The mechanics of the players not being to travel as fast / or to pass as fast as they did so in Fifa 13. This slowed down, stopping and starting mechanic structure which has been put into the players in Fifa 14 makes them react to situations ridiculously. Players that slide to a stop after running, balls travelling to players feet and (with one touch control being on at 0), balls either pinging away from players feet when they are head on for catching the ball, OR the player receiving the ball and the ball gently bouncing away from the players feet as he readjusts and wastes more time getting back into balance. Additional, unwanted touches like these create opportunities for any close opponent to nick the ball off you straight away (when in Fifa 13 you had that control to counteract that) or for the ball to go out of touch if you're near the sideline (when you know you don't want it to.)


Now in Fifa 14, that overall firm control you had on your player has now been taken away. Your players do not move in the way you want them to move, nor do some of the AI members on your team act in the way you would like them to move either. Players now in Fifa 14, make too many extra added movements which makes them more prone to lose the ball and the overall visual element looks like you’re playing with over sensitive players who can't stay up right.


All that power is lost with Fifa 14's ‘new and improved’ flawed mechanic system. And that is why this latest game in the EA franchise does not make Fifa 14 a recipe to adapt to, but a blatant sticks-in-the craw lesson that Fifa 14’s overall build has failed.


Fifa 10 evolved into Fifa 11, Fifa 11 evolved into Fifa 12, Fifa 12 evolved into Fifa 13..


There is no link between Fifa 13 and Fifa 14 as in all honesty it should be renamed Fifa 12.5 - because that is where this type of game (and 'its improved ball physics') belongs in this long line of Fifa franchise titles.

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Re: Why is FIFA 14 bad?

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This is the worst and most disappointing game I have ever purchased. Fifa 13 was amazing and EA has gone and completely destroyed what they had. I would rather snap the disk in half and or do lines off it then have a complete fifa 14 disk in my home.




Its pretty bad haha, if you haven't bought it yet don't waste your money on this trash

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Re: Why is FIFA 14 bad?

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+1 from me

I hv a suggestion for you guys. Every time u feel the rage coz of this terrible game, let it out by spreadung the word. Go post online to infoem other gamers warning them from buying this game and all others by EA. Together we can create a difference and get some satisfaction too.

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Re: Why is FIFA 14 bad?

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@ ronhoods


I couldn't agree more, if the whole fifa community took a stand against EA then they would surely have to take action everyone on here who has complained about fifa 14 ready for an uprising?

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Re: Why is FIFA 14 bad?

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Its bad enough with all the chipped through balls and bad dribbling, or even that your team has absolutely no clue as to what getting open is, but what really gets me is that playing with spurs or any top team in the bpl im losing to bad teams such as crystal palace. I even lost to second division teams because its as if im playing against barcelona, the computer is OP I cant take the ball from them because these 55+ rated players are all dribblers and every time I attempt to steal the ball they do a iniesta 360. The developers who make this game have no clue as to what soccer is like. Make it realistic and dont overpower teams that in real life are bad. Sometimes it feels that worst teams are better and good teams are bad, when it should be the opposite.  Make teams that are bad easier and top teams harder, simple as that.

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Re: Why is FIFA 14 bad?

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I agree, we should boycott this game until they fix it or at the very least reply to some of our comments 

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Re: Why is FIFA 14 bad?

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Pitch flashes light and dark, tried it on 2 tvs.  Seems as if it goes to a yellowish colour to the green colour. Subtle but annoying. keep getting disconnected from ea servers, ball feels like a brick.  Youve got a problem with your servers EA. This happened with FIFA13 aswell. Feeling a bit ripped off by this.  Games not fit for purpose. Poor

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Re: Why is FIFA 14 bad?

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The games are too slow ... Its too easy to score finess shots.. The goalkeepers are all like Huerelho Gomez, play like blinded pigeons ... The touches and control is terrible even with the likes of messi - and even if you dont press RT when controlling the ball. Online games are deffinetly scripted or there is something in place to increase the strentgh of the weaker teams , Im not the greatest player in the world but i dont expect to be loosing to a 64 chem bronze/silver team with my 100 chem championship silver sweat team... The menus look alot better , and the search options in ultimate team are great but this fifa is deffinetly style over substance ... Another aspect of this game which i hate is career mode- The hiding of the ratings and the long scouting takes forever, and once you actually start playing the game is soo bad that restarting or quiting in the hope that it improves is the only option... players like Loic Remy are impossible to stop and a player who is worth 200 times the coins like aguero doesnt even match up to him ... This isnt something that is new , this aspect has been there in all of the fifas but  I mention it because its extremely noticable in this stupid game..If i didnt waste about £60 on fifa points when the game came out id be trading it in right now- but for now im going back to playing fifa13 or fifa 12...

And they aren't replying because theyre busy counting money....

This time its everyone that is fed up with it,,, even some youtubers are packing it in because the game is soo **bleep**-

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Re: Why is FIFA 14 bad?

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I've not been a fifa player since fifa 13 and only played ultimate team, I was by all rights a noob but the last 6 months of fifa 13 I was happily winning games in division one and games that could go either way with a friend who has been playing fifa since the start. I am a total gamer it's all I do, sad maybe but I take enjoyment out of it. I'm good at what I do to and if I've played **bleep** then it's because I've played **bleep**, made bad choices , chosen to reload at a bad time ect. One off games on fifa 13 against a friend didn't seem to suffer the total bull**bleep** that was seasons ect. My successes to division one was solely down to a couple of amazing silver teams of mine , a rumoured exploit to avoid the so called handicaping that we experience. I had plenty of money had full tots teams ect but could not find any success with them. So I went the silver way and what a surprise gold teams would crumble in my wake and tots teams well they might as well of been bronze players. The rage quit was the off the scale as my opposition would experience the usual bull crap I would of done with better teams against lesser teams. Did anyone see the video on youtube of the 54 paced bronze player jockeying messi down the wing? One off games against friends on fut was the only way to go, rumoured suggested that this wasn't effected by scripting and handicaping and this is where I found the game most challenging it felt like it could go either way based on skill and not scripted.

I was reluctant to go again with fifa 14 based on the bs of fut last year but here I am close to homicide.
I can't seem to win a single game only just struggled to reach division 7 have a **bleep** record and do not understand why.

It all started with space.

Every game I find myself in when I have the ball the pressure I'm under is crazy but when my opponent has the ball I just can't seem to close him off and the space they have is insane , I'm not using team mate contain, I've just played the last 10 games with the equivelant of parking the bus everyone back and narrow but it seems the ai is insistent on having my players open up huge spaces.

Now tackling is total crap please explain how Dante can tackle Defoe and not win the ball from the tackle he just made but instead fall over and allow Defoe through on goal. If I'm not falling over when making tackles then I do remove the ball from that player but some how it goes straight to one of their players. The latest rage moment just now was 4 players on my team despite surrounding toures failed to clear the ball, they hacked and slashed at him win possession then lost it clearing appeared to be impossible and having four players trying to tackle one guy some **bleep**ing miracle he gets a shot off and scores

Passing is bull**bleep** , iniesta and Xavi seem to be unable connect a single pass it's as if they fail to understand what it is I have asked of them and send it somewhere completely different. The passing is made even more **bleep**ty by the unbelievable pressure mentioned earlier. Neur chooses to throw the ball perfectly left like dead straight out of touch instead of where I asked to reus in left mid, stupid bull**bleep** like that exists all the time.

Shooting make me want to kill myself, neur watches the ball coming at him from the half way line no joke and watches it bounce to his left and into the net making no attempt to save it , I smashed my control so hard into the off button of my xbox and that would be the face of whoever is responsible for that bull**bleep**.

I can only echo what people have already said on here the most recent thing I have learnt about this game is to with card stats. My team is this neur, alaba, Dante, Ramos, dani Alves, gotze, iniesta, Xavi, reus, aguero , nevas.

They all feel week slow bad passing poor defending **bleep** shooting no spaces to chance creation no runs with 100%chem they don't feel like their card stats. I played 10 games against a friend who has a non rare gold team and couldn't win a single game, as a test I put on +10 attributes to all stats on every player and still couldn't connect a pass still felt slow and weak neur still let in goals coming at him at the speed of snail. Then I made a brasilver team and they feel like their card stats. Those with pace feel fast those with agility move good with the ball those that a strong make good challenges passing is good and fast runs are often and frequent.

Why can't they just make match making based on true skill, I'm sick of loosing to 50% chem teams that seem to play like they are on all kinds of narcotics.

If I can't win games I can't win enough money to keep going on contracts and fitness so you have to buy packs and if I can't buy packs with in game money I have to buy points. Through scripting you create the illusion that you or your team arnt good enough so we quest for better players in packs using real money. Ea are like Disney with cars and planes being the same film, they release the same **bleep** cause they know we will buy it. What's it going to take for people to realise this and make stand
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