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Why is FIFA 14 bad?

by adampvfc

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Re: Why is FIFA 14 bad?

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worldwidenuke wrote:
Hi adampvfc,

Why not try posting some of your feedback on the EA Forums, or tweeting to @EASPORTSFIFA to get them to recognize your feedback?

This is a Questions & Answers site, we're here to help users with genuine problems, if you're not enjoying the game then I'm sorry about that, but you've listed SO many things that are unenjoyable that it's maybe just a good idea for you to not play? While I myself recognize that there are issues with the game, I think you are being overzealous in saying these issues are ruining the game, the game is still a great one and only needs a little work to make it perfect.

Please give your feedback constructively in future.

I thought OP's post to be extremely constructive.

He posted it on EA's website, if they are too stupid to not keep tabs on their own forum considering it  is apparently the ONLY way to get any help from EA then they deserve negative reviews and failed games.


I have nothing to do with fifa 14, I'm still struggling to log into the ea website to download my 'gameface' for fifa 13. because there appears to be no integration between their spyware and their official site.

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Re: Why is FIFA 14 bad?

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wonderful, response (at last) from EA - " you've listed SO many things that are unenjoyable that it's maybe just a good idea for you to not play?"


Maybe that's because there ARE "  SO many things that are unenjoyable " about this game.

maybe you could tell Me what other EA games are this flawed and I can spend £40 on those too, and not play them either???

thank you for your invaluable feedback

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Re: Why is FIFA 14 bad?

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Theres no flow in the game ... When the ball gets knocked from You it seems like if Your players are handicapped and although they closer to the ball they dont react and stand still while the other contolled players will just run and get the ball.


Switching of the players is also pathetic as I keep struggling to have it give me a player that is in front close to where the ball is , it will always give

me a plater further away , eg one player runs into their goal I have another player running and when I say switch it will switch me to that player ( DUMB ! )


1st touch , dribbling keeping the ball , it seems you cant take 2 steps without the ball being out of your reach.


I never feel in control with a player ite feels like there a re magnet forces pushing the ball away from You.


Defenders  , players dont pick up loose balls , Your players just seem to stop while running.


And Yip I still believe in scripting as 10 shots on goal all hit the post , 20 shots on target close range and the others still score on 45 or 90 minutes !


I too have bought every FIFA Game since the dawn of its inception , but This Game really takes the cake ,I hope they patch it soon !

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Re: Why is FIFA 14 bad?

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This game just sucks, no dribling, just passing ball around all the time which gets boring after some time. Then also fuking auto player switch, even on off it stil switch player, like wtf??? Not to say that my players move around like retards who play football for first time,so unrealistic. And how players wont go for lose ball while opposite team do it all the time. Just wtf EA??? I could go on and on, on how much failures this game have. You ain't getting cent from me anymore...

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Re: Why is FIFA 14 bad?

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fifa 14 is rubbish i got the game tryed to play fut seasons and it freezes like wtf thats why i bought the game to play fut seasons n now its the 11th of october and it still freezes why they got do this pisses me off worst fifa they have ever made even the game play juss pass pass pass no dribbling or nuffin you juss lose the ball rubbish game i aint buying another game n most of my friends think this fifa 14 is so rubbish im 3 nill dwn in like the 30th min while playing the online seasons sort it out!!

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Re: Why is FIFA 14 bad?

[ Edited ]
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Just logged in to say #1 is bang on.

Played it for a few hours and it's a disgrace.
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Re: Why is FIFA 14 bad?

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Thought this was a question and answer site? well EA are doing a great job of answering people back apart form telling one person not to play his £45 pound game. Had alot of respect for EA and there games but its slowly disappearing. Taking peoples money in one hand and passing a rubbish fifa 14 out the other while laughing at us. I have enjoyed the fifa series since i was a boy. Brian Plank playing for germany anyone lol. But this is getting to be a joke.

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Re: Why is FIFA 14 bad?

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Have to agree with evryone !
FIFA 14 was not what i was ecspecting FIFA 13 was soooooo Much beter !
Evrything feels stiff in the gameplay do you Guys even tested the game ?!?
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Re: Why is FIFA 14 bad?

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I agree, I have a barcelona squad and the passing is dreadful, also I thought players like Neymar can do skill and control the ball at high speed so why do I have to slow down when I want to skill, stupid.
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Re: Why is FIFA 14 bad?

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It's not like anything will change
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