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Ultimate team fifa 14

by kurtyns


Ultimate team fifa 14

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is there anyone i can talk to about billing or something?? i spent £23.99 on points got loads of packs and put everything into my club, it is now 2 days later, i went on there and had absolutely nothing in my club except 2 kits a stadium a ball and a few coaches!!!!!! ANY HELP??

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Re: Ultimate team fifa 14

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For all account related issues, you would need to contact the support team directly for help,For security and confidentiality reasons we cannot discuss any account details on a public forum.

Follow these steps to get a game advisor:

1. Click the link
2. Where it says, What Can We Help you With, type in the game name
3. Click Find Solutions
4. Select "Account" from the drop-down list
5. Click: Find Solutions
6. Scroll down a little and on the lower right hand side, Click "I Still need Help"
The Window Will Open...
Depending on your geographical location and the time of day, you'll see a choice of contact options - Phone, Live Chat or Email.


Hope this helps
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